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Health Benefits of Apple Juice

Updated on October 2, 2013

Juices And Vitamins

Like any other fruit juice, there are many health benefits that you can get from apple juice. Ask anyone and they will tell you without a doubt that fruit juices have tremendous health benefits which include providing vitamins and minerals like vitamin C. Thanks to these, many fruit juice and fruit drinks have become increasingly popular and it is a good habit to drink them daily to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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Apples for Apple juice
Apples for Apple juice

What Makes This Juice Healthy?

Apple juice is the most common and one of the most nutritious drinks even among fruit juices. They contain a lot of vitamin B and C and several other minerals such as phosphorus, iron, chlorine, silicon, potassium and calcium. These nutrients help to fight ailments which are harmful to our bodies.

Furthermore, apple juice contains pectin, which helps the intestines to fight off constipation. It helps to equalize the bacteria in the colon. By drinking apple juice regularly, you can help improve your indigestion by eliminating toxins in your body. It has also been said that it is able to help patients who suffer from gallstones and gouty arthritis.

Increasing apple juice intake will not only make a good healthy addition to your diet, it also helps to keep you young and preserves the youthful skin in your body.

Another health benefit of apple juice is that it helps to reduce the cholesterol in our body. This is because apple juice contains huge amount of antioxidants. Researchers have proven that apple juice also contains phytonutrients which helps the elimination of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body.

The accumulation of this bad cholesterol (LDL) will cause the growth of plaques on the walls of the coronary artery, which can lead to atherosclerosis. Apart from reducing cholesterol, these anti-oxidants are beneficial in the prevention of cancer and heart diseases. In addition, it also helps you to lose weight.

In conclusion, drinking apple juice everyday is good for you and your family. Due to the immerse nutrients it provides, apple juice is also suitable for young children because of the excellent taste and nutrients it provides. Besides the health benefits of apple juice, it is also a good source of energy as it also contains moderate amounts of sugar.

How To Make Apple Juice

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