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Health Benefits of Beer, Chocolate and Red Wine

Updated on December 11, 2010

Health Benefits of Beer, Chocolate and Wine

Don’t you know that beer, chocolate and wine can be considered as health food ?

Researchers of Oregon State University recently discovered a flavanone called called a xanthohumol in hops and beer. When combined with Vitamin E, xanthohumol has antioxidant effects superior to those of quercetin, another flavanoid.

It was realized that the French have roughly 2.5 times lower probability of developing heart disease than the Americans despite the fact that the French eat a fattier, a higher cholesterol diet than the Americans and have higher blood cholesterol levels. It was attributed to the higher intake by the French of flavanoids in red wine, fruits and vegetables.

Resveratrol, the predominant flavanoid in red wine, has been studied intently since the so-called French paradox was discovered. At least eight studies demonstrate that drinking one to two glasses of red wine a day protects against heart disease. Red wine drinkers – those who remain moderate –have higher levels of HDL or good cholesterols and apolipoprotein –A.. Red wine flavanoids which include rutin and quercetin, powerfully protect LDL against oxidation.

Resveratrol also appears to arrest inflammation. One recent study by the researcher at the University of Seville, Spain reveals that this red grape polyphenol suppressed oxidative damage and reduced markers of inflammation in an animal model of inflammatory bowel disease.

A very interesting new study conducted by Harvard researchers shows that the resveratrol may resemble the effects of caloric restriction at the cellular level. Caloric restriction which means eating about thirty percent fewer calories than the normal intake has been found to be the most effective way to slow down the aging process and ensure a healthy lifespan..

Researchers at MIT conducted a research study about the link of resveratrol with the extension of lifespan. They used a budding yeast called “saccharomyces cerevisiae .” It is revealed in the experiment that when the caloric intake of s. cerevisiae is restricted, the activity of substance called Sir2 rises affecting cellular activity and DNA stability in a way that extends the yeast’s lifespan. When the researchers added resveratrol to a culture of yeast, it has also the same life-extending effect on Sir2.

A study conducted at Ninewells Hospital in Scotland demonstrated that flavanoids from dark chocolate decrease platelet aggregation, the process that causes blood cells to clump together and clog arteries to the heart or in the brain. Thirty volunteers received each 100 grams of either white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Blood samples taken before the chocolate was eaten and four hours afterward, showed that the dark chocolate inhibited platelet aggregation by ninety-two percent. The researcher concluded that the flavanoids in the dark chocolate inhibit the COX-1 enzyme. This enzyme promotes platelet aggregation.

These are just some healthy information for the Christmas season. This yuletide season, don’t hesitate to drink some red wine and eat a few dark chocolate. This is good for your health. Hope you will enjoy the best of the yuletide season. A Blessed Christmas to you all!


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By :

Jack Challem

Melissa Block


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    • profile image

      jeet singh 5 years ago

      choclate and beer greatful for human is easily uses.after workout use this

    • cristina327 profile image

      cristina327 6 years ago from Manila

      Hi BkCreative thanks for dropping by and commenting on this hub. Your visit and comment is much appreciated. Blessings to you and regards.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Absolutely, you have written about my favorite health foods. I write about them too.

      Here in the US unfortunately we sell an inferior quality product with about 10% chocolate and it is still labeled chocolate and confuses people. As your article points out - it is only the dark chocolate that works. Beer and wine - good stuff.

      Thanks for this reminder!