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Health Benefits of Breakfast

Updated on September 30, 2012

Make it part of your every day

The word ‘breakfast’ is self-explanatory – literally meaning ‘breaking the fast’.

Since times immemorial, ‘breakfast’ has come to mean the first meal of the day after waking up from a night’s sleep. That makes it perhaps the most exciting meal of the day as it comes after a long gap, usually around 8-10 hours, of ‘no’ eating.

With exceptional health benefits, breakfast not only kick-starts our day but has the potential to make a huge difference to our mood, feel and energy levels.

It can eventually impact on the success or failure of our day. And we know how a day’s difference can add up cumulatively to affect our weeks, months, years and ultimately our life.

A day can be considered a microcosm of our life – if we can manage to have a happy day against all ‘odds’, we can have a happy life.

Breakfast is the first fuel of the day for us, and initiates the chemical reactions necessary to get into motion the engine that’s our depleted body. It supplies the important ingredients for various parts of our ‘machinery’ so they together indulge in a constructive process of production sending ‘happy’ signals to our mind, conveying their contentment.

In this fast-paced technological era, when we are always running short of time, despite all the time-saving devices at our disposal, every moment seems to bring a little stress.

If we’re not adequately prepared to deal with the small stresses, they also cumulatively add up to assume humongous proportions, and we all know the disturbing consequences of such a situation.

A healthy breakfast every morning empowers us to deal with the ‘demon’ of stress.

Even nutritional experts agree with the importance of breakfast in our lives and research regularly reminds us that skipping breakfast can likely cause a range of health and mental problems relating to weight, metabolism, hormones, memory, mood, behavior and personality.

The composition of breakfast may vary depending upon which part of the world we live in, but it still performs the same function for every individual, actually every living being – humans and even our fellow flora and fauna.

So, next time you have breakfast - whether it includes eggs, bread, cereals, pancakes, fruit, tea, coffee, juice, noodles, rice, or more – take a moment and savor the importance of this essential meal in our life and be grateful for it.


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    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub! I agree, breakfast is most important , to start the day well. An all inclusive breakfast maintains the energy level throughout the day. Thanks for sharing.