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Countless Health Benefits of Fasting

Updated on January 21, 2015

The digestive system is the most malicious set of organs in the human body. From infants to adults, from the new-born to the very old, almost everyone of every age has had some kind of problem with their stomach (digestive system). It is at work from birth to death and works endlessly to process, extract and provide the essential nutrients to the human body.

  • It involves 8 organs which collaboratively work to perform Digestion: Tongue, Esophagus, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Liver, Pancreas, Small Intestine, Large Intestine and also closely affects the function of the kidney.

Quick Fact: Through the process of Digesting, Assimilating and Metabolizing food the Digestive system draws in 65% of the body's energy after taking food. It is only through fasting that the body gets a chance to catch a break from this hard task.

Countless Benefits of Fasting

  1. Cure Diseases
  2. Rests the digestive system
  3. Detoxifies the body
  4. Gives mental clarity
  5. Heals emotional instabilities
  6. Gives physical lightness
  7. Boosts energy level

On an average day in life, the digestive system never really gets good rest during daytime since we keep eating this and that every now and then as breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner. Fasting allows the digestive system large parts of the day to rest and rebuild itself.

It provides a chance to fully detoxify all the organs off the toxins accumulated over time from intake of food and different drinks. It provides a chance for the body to 100% cleanse itself. Though fasting may seem to weaken the body, in reality it boosts energy levels by saving 65% of the energy needed in processing food. It also improves endurance and gives physical lightness.

It lightens senses giving mental peace and heals emotional imbalance by diverting the mind's concentration to more important things. For example you will not think about a sad moment when you are hungry because your brain will be looking for food.

  • Increases will power and self control
  • Promotes self discovery
  • Anti-aging effect and clearer skin
  • Better attitude- Makes you appreciate and be humble towards the things you have been blessed with and over other. Opens vision to see things through new perspective and brings realization.
  • Increases resistance to Disease- The lymphatic system, the white blood cells, the disease fighting army within the body is put under less pressure as a break from food means fewer pathogens enter the body, which gives it time to replenish and revive to full power.
  • Prevents Obesity- Fasting as a regular routine prevents from becoming obese and as the body is used to shedding off excess fat and running long hours without food.
  • Helps burn excess fat and eases weight loss

While fasting, the fat reserves of the body are burned away preventing obesity and making the body more fit. It is easy to burn excess fat and lose weight while fasting.

Major Religions and Fasting

But not only the body; fasting also elevates the soul and consciousness and is prescribed by all major religions and their scriptures recommend fasting to their followers.Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, all have prescribed fasting for their respective believers as an act of worship/lifestyle for better well being. Though the actual practices performed while fasting may differ from religion to religion, the foundations are the same. "Abstinence from food and drinks from the hours of dawn to dusk."

Depending on the religion, avoiding drinks may or may be not essential and the hours of fasting may differ, and fasting maybe a mandatory or optional act.

Islam: The Quran and Hadiths(link) put great emphasis on fasting and makes it a mandatory act of worship for Muslims. Islam of all religions puts highest importance and value to fasting and Muslims around the world observe a month of obligatory fasting (As-Sawm) in the month Ramadan.

Christianity: The Bible also mentions a lot about fasting in its versus. This link (Bible) is a compilation of different Biblical verses which talk about fasting.

Hinduism: Hindu's have a lot different types of fasting practiced through the ages and I have found this link (Hindu Fasts), helpful as it lists and describes many of them.

Do you fast and think it is beneficial?

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Better Health

  1. Reduces Allergy
  2. Controls High Blood Pressure
  3. Makes it easy to Quit Bad habits and Addiction

Fasting has been known to reduce allergic reactions around the body as a result decreased intake of food and thus also controls high blood pressure. Studies has also shown that people who fast have more chances of success in quitting drugs, overcoming addictions and changing bad habits.

Please feel free to leave a comment if there is anything you would like to add or change. Thank you for reading.


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