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Health Benefits of Ivy Gourd

Updated on August 29, 2016 Ivy Gourd Ivy Gourd | Source

Nutritional Health Benefits of Ivy Gourd (Kovakkai)

Ivy gourd is a perennial plant, grown easily with cultivating seeds. Its Botanical name is Coccinia grandis. The leaves have 5 lobes and are 6.5–8.5 cm in length and 7–8 cm in width.

Other Names of Ivy Gourd

Ivy gourd is also known as Gentleman’s Toes, Trindora,Scarlet gourd, Kovakkai, Kovakka, Dondakkaya, Tondakayi, Vargoli, Tondli, parwel, kundru, kunduri etc. It is a popular vegetable in Indian household. This healthy vegetable is also known as gherkin, babywatermelon, or little gourd.

Ayurvedic use

Ivy Gourd has also been in use medicinally in Ayurvedic practices in India as an anti-oxidant, anti-triglyceride, and anti-bacterial. Ivy gourd is used in the cases of treating jaundice, abscesses and high blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Kovakkai (Ivy Gourd)

The vegetable kovakkai is loaded with many essential vitamins and other nutrients which are good for health. Hence it is a good option that we include kovakkai (Ivy gourd) in our list of vegetables.

  • It helps to control blood sugar in a natural way. Hence it is a good option for Diabetic patients.
  • Kovakkai (Tindora) contains abundant amount of Vitamin C.
  • Ivy gourd contains curative properties for jaundice, asthma, bronchitis,and skin problems like leprosy, scabies and psoriasis..
  • Contains detoxification and anti-bacterial properties
  • Since Kovakkai is rich in fiber the laxative properties of Ivy gourd helps in smooth bowel movements.
  • The juice of this plant is useful in keeping a healthy skin.
  • Kovakkai fruit is known to have anti-histamine properties which helps in preventing and curing allergy problems.
  • The beta carotene content of tindora (kovakkai) is a good nutrient in fighting against free radicals or toxins in the body.

CAUTION: It is better for pregnant and lactating mothers to refrain from the use of this vegetable, to avoid any complications.


The information provided in this hub is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your physician, or health care provider before taking any home remedies.

Nutrition content in Ivy Gourd

100 gm of Ivy gourd fruit has a number of essential nutrients.

Water - 93.5 g

Protein - 1.2 g,

Energy - 75 kJ (18kcal)

Fiber - 1.6 g

Carbohydrate - 3.1 g

Fat - 0.1 g

Fe - 1.4 mg

Thiamin - 0.07 mg

Ascorbic acid - 1.4 mg

Riboflavin - 0.08 mg

Ca - 40 mg,

niacin- 0.7 mg

P - 30 mg


Ivy Gourd Recipes

Kovakkai recipes are a regular part of many household in India. Kovakka can be used in the preparation of aviyal (a traditional recipe of South India) as one of the vegetables, by cutting lengthwise, poriyal, mezhukku puratti, thoran (by cutting in circular shape or/and lengthwise), in the preparation of sambar, (one of the main dishes of South India), in the stew by cutting in circular shape, tender fruit as salad etc.

Tindori is used not only in Indian cuisines, but also used in Thai and Vitanamese cuisines.


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