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Health Benefits of Moringa

Updated on March 13, 2013

Health benefits of Moringa Plant

Moringa oleifera is a plant that belongs to the family Moringaceae. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical climates. This plant has been given many names because of its many uses. Such names include wonder plant, miracle tree. Moringa plant has many health benefits and some of them are considered below.

  • Moringa helps combat malnutrition

Over the years moringa plant has been used to treat malnutrition. Moringa serves this function because it is a power house of nutrient and therefore supplies most nutrient found wanting in a malnourished person. Many governmental agencies have realised this. This approach is now being used in some developing countries to curb the menace of malnutrition.

  • Moringa leaf contains, protein, vitamin A, Vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals like potassium, calcium and iron.

According to, it was stated that in one serving of Moringa Oleifera leaves, you can find:

  • 125% daily value of Calcium
  • 61% daily value of Magnesium
  • 41% daily value of Potassium
  • 71% daily value of Iron
  • 272% daily value of Vitamin A
  • 22% daily value of Vitamin C

This means that moringa is good in treating the deficiencies of these vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and it helps the body in the management of cold. Also vitamin C boosts the body immunity and scavenges harmful free radicals. The body requires the presence of vitamin C during the synthesis of collagen in the body. Collagen represents the main structural protein present in human body and it is required in maintenance of structural integrity of organs, bones, skin and blood vessels. This makes vitamin C essential in the protection of the human body from scurvy and this makes moringa plant very beneficial treatment of vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin A is also essential for proper vision and consuming moringa leave therefore can make you have a good vision.

Potassium helps in controlling blood pressure and heart rate. Potassium also represents important constituents of cell and body fluid. Moringa consumption can therefore help in maintaining a normal blood pressure.

Calcium is an important in the production of strong bone. Also iron is an important part of blood cells. Also Moringa is said to have 2 times the protein of 100g yogurt (Moringa 8.3, yogurt 3.8g)

  • Moringa has antioxidant properties

Antioxidants found in this plant are beneficial to the body. These antioxsidants help in destroying the free radicals that may cause such diseases like cancer.

  • Moringa boosts body immune system

Because of the high level of nutritional rich constituents found in moringa, the body immune system has less work to do.

  • Moringa aids digestion

This plant aids digestion and prevents constipation. This makes it consumption a good way of aiding proper food digestion.

Also moringa plant has been medicinally used in various parts of the world because of its various benefits like:

  • It is used to treat stomach ulcer.
  • To boost energy levels
  • To lower blood pressure
  • To improves mood
  • To control blood sugars level

With all these benefits and many more not mentioned in this article, it is very advisable to consume moringa plant daily. One can consume moringa leaf in form of tea or stew. Also the seed of plant can be used to make cake. Many preparations has been formulated using moringa plant and some of these are good for the body.


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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 4 years ago

      The fact is that moringa plant has been put to different use in different parts of the world and many researches are still ongoing about the benefits of the plant. The suggestion of your friend is reasonable, but I can not authenticate that claim. what I know is that the plant has many functions, and researches are still ongoing to know more functions of this wonder plant

    • profile image 4 years ago

      thank you for this insight into this wonder plant. i have lower back pain and an MRI scan shows a bulge on one of the disc of my spine. i was told to use pain killers as an operation was not necessary for now. my friend introduced me to and gave me moringa seeds yesterday. she assured me that these seeds if taken for 6months( 6 seeds eaten per day) at least could correct/cure my spine. can this be true? i am ready to try it out. this is my personal journey.