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Health Benefits of Olive oil - Benefits and Uses

Updated on June 19, 2011

 Olive oil

Olive oil is an oil obtained from the olive. It is used in cooking, cosmetics, home remedies, cleaning agent, soaps and pharmaceuticals. It has typically 75% mono-unsaturated fat content in the form of Oleic Acid. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, which can lower total cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the blood. Below you will find some of the health benefits of olive oil and uses.

Choosing the right olive oil

There are different grades of olive oil available in the market. Always buy olive oil that has cold pressed. Cold pressed means oil was not heated over a high temperature. The label can also say expeller pressed. Extra virgin oil is one of the healthiest olive oil since it is cold pressed and lower in acidity compared to other oils. Virgin oil has a good taste but little higher in acidity compared to extra virgin oil. Normal olive oil is not very pure and has been refined. Virgin and extra virgin olive oil tend to higher in polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) than refined oils.

Extra virgin oil - It is made by cold pressing of the olive fruit.

Virgin oil- It is made by second pressing of the olive fruit.

Pure oil - It is a combination of refined and virgin oils. Also it undergoes some processing, such as filtering and refining.

How to store olive oil:

Olive oils have a shelf life of about one to two years. Once opened, it should be consumed within a few months. Light and heat will cause the oil to decay and go rancid. It should be stored in a dark, cool place.

Olive oil - Health benefits and uses
Olive oil - Health benefits and uses

Extra virgin oil - Healthiest oil

 Health benefits and uses of olive oil:

1. Heart disease: Olive oil lower the risk of heart disease. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fat, a good fat which can lower your cholesterol levels in the blood.

2. Colon cancer: Olive oil is helpful to protect human body against cancerous growth, especially colon cancer.

3. Arthritis: Olive oil also reduce the chance of rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation in the joints.
The substance oleocanthal which is present in olive oil will reduce inflammation and lessen the need of using pain relievers.

4. Stomach problems: Olive oil prevent developing gallstones, ulcers and gastric cancer.

5. Cooking: Using olive oil in cooking is a good idea to improve overall health. It provide a high amount of vitamin E and slackens the natural aging process of human body.

6. Constipation: Olive oil prevents constipation without irritating the intestinal tract. One tablespoon of olive oil mixed with lemon is a good remedy for constipation.

7. Olive oil lower the risk of diabetes.

8. It is also effective in treating urinary tract infections.

9. Beauty: Olive oil is used in cosmetic products and natural herbal therapy. Olive oil is great for skin.

How to make extra virgin oil:


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      I enjoy cooking with olive oil and it is my best choice, we have tons of olives annually and the extra virgin olive is such a pleasure to have for home use or any other reasons as as you have mentioned.

    • Moms-Secret profile image

      Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

      I put a link to this hub in my pizza hub. Why write a hub about it when you summed it up so nicely! Thanks.