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Health Issues With Unknown Causes-A Second Opinion is Smart

Updated on August 28, 2016


     I went to a doctor for therapy for about seven years, and he was a neuro-psychiatrist.  This is a doctor who studies human behaviors as to how they might be changed by your bodies chemistry or an unbalance of these chemicals.

     As soon as he looked at me, he told me that I had thyroid problems, and that I was hypoglycemic.  This is a condition that causes you to be sensitive to sugar, and causes you to make too much natural insulin every time you eat.  Since your body only makes a certain amount for your lifetime, making too much not only causes you to have low blood sugar all the time, but it will also cause you to become diabetic sometime in your 50's or 60's because you run out early.

   After talking to me several times, he told me that some of the issues I was having that I thought were mental, were indeed because of chemical imbalances in my system.  He proceeded to name off several of them.  He said that my lack of concentration was due to low thyroid, and because I was allergic to the hormones and/or antibiotics given to beef cattle and milk cows.  They pass it down into the meat and milk, and then I get this reaction.

     He said that my feelings of things not being OK, or a feeling of impending doom, as I described it was also due to the sugar imbalances I was experiencing, along with the thyroid problem.  He also gave me a little trick to making that feeling go away before it got very bad, and that was by doing something normal, like sweeping the floor, or brushing my teeth.

     He said that my tendency to be hyperactive and lack of concentration was due to being sensitive to the point of an allergy to refined sugar.

     He told me that my inability to remember things, or short term memory loss was also due to the very same thing.  He told me that if I cut my red meat and milk intake to once a week, these things would go away.

     He also told me something else that he was working on, that was true, but he didn't know why exactly;  he said that almost every single inventor in the history of the united states, and also every artist in our history, were all diabetic.  He proceeded to give me a list that was so complete that I couldn't think of many that he left off.  He said that for some unknown reason, all diabetic people were creative in some manner, whether they invented, painted, played music, drew, whatever, but they where all very intent on their works, to the exclusion of other things. 

     So I began the diet changes that he suggested, no red meat, no milk, sugar, and so on.  He gave me a prescription for the thyroid problem.  I was amazed to find that after about a week or ten days of the diet change, almost all of my adverse symptoms were gone.  All this time that I was suffering with these problems, thinking that something was wrong with me emotionally or mentally was all due to diet, or mostly due to diet.  What a relief it was to have it fixed just like that.

Old School Healing

   This doctor also told me that the reason I was having so much pain in my back was due to contact I had with some hydraulic fluid that I had an accident with and was drenched in it.  My clothes were soaked, and because the fluid had stayed on my skiin for an extended period of time, it was not just likely, but apparent to him that I had absorbed it through my skin.

   He looked it up, and his research disclosed enough facts and molecular make up of the fluid that he was able to discern with a 99% probability  that once the hydralic fluid was absorbed into my bloodstream, it then was stored in my bones, making the bones in my back become extremely soft, and this was allowing them to break down and actually very slowly fall apart in some places, and  in other places, like where the disks fitted against one another without actually touching, this was not happening to me, for the disks were breaking down and because of the constant contact against each other, they were actually fusing together.  He said that the way my spine was disintegrating, there was no chance of ever having any surgery that would work, and the exrays that he took looked like I had about 5 or 6 surgeries already done having some of my disks fused.  I had never had a surgery on my back, and all the fusing that was showing up was happening all by itself due to this fluid.

   I weas so shocked by what he said to me that I could only sit there and listen, while the tears just streamed down my cheeks, for I had at least a halof a dozen specialists examine my spine, and not a one of them ever told me anything close to what this man was telling me, and I knew in my heart he was correct, for all the details he was describing about my condition and what it was feeling like, was as true as if he had  been with me aall those years in the past, watching me at I was falling apart.  I was truly amazed by his intelligence and examination skills.  He apoligized to me for not being able to help me with any sort of surgeries, or even treatments, for he said that not only would they be a waste of time, but they would all be completely uneffective, and maybe even dangerous. 

\    The importance of having a doctor that you could not only trust, but one that did not mind taking the time to just sit and talk to you about your health and answer any questions you had was a new experience for me.  I was so used to going to doctors that  herded patients in and out of their exam rooms like sheep, and never having time to talk to you, and never really fixed my health issues but gladly handed out perscription afgter perscription of pain pills to aid in the pain management instead was the difference between night and day.  I felt this man actuallhy cared enough about my health that he took the time to actually find out what was going on for sure, not just guessing and putting a band aid on it in the meantime.;

   This is the way a doctor should be and this is how a patient should always be treated.  I was thinking about asking him if he did house calls too, but I didn't for I knew this old fashion healer did do house calls if I asked him to. 


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  • Greenheart profile image

    Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge

    Great hub and great information!.

    I have heard it said that a lot of what we suffer is due to improper diet.

    I have been getting into green juices recently.

    I would recommend them to anyone.