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Free Health and Nutrition Podcasts

Updated on March 1, 2014

The following health and nutrition podcasts are listed in no particular order. I've listed more than a dozen or so of them. So that should keep you busy. Although, I can not cover all of them that are out there. Almost anyone can have a podcast now-a-days.

Many of these podcast are available in many formats -- on their website, on Blog Talk Radio, on iTunes, etc. If you have an Apple device, you can get many of them from iTunes. If you got an Android device, there are apps such as BeyondPod that you can install. See article on how to Listen to Podcasts on Android Phones and Tablets.

Just because if I mention that a podcast is available in such and such a format, it does not mean that it's not available on other platforms. There are also some that let you download the MP3.

Since these are fairly popular podcasts, I do not need to link directly to them. Just search the podcast name in your favorite search engine and I'm sure you will find them.


Chris Kresser's Revolution Health Radio is available on iTunes. What is nice is that he has full transcripts of the podcasts on his website as well. So it makes it highly searchable. He typically does not have guests on his podcast -- only once in a while. He mainly discusses various health topics, research article findings, and answers followers' question in Q&A podcast sessions. One question that followers often look forward to is "What did Chris have for breakfast?" His podcast is aided by Steve Wright who provides dialogue and interaction in the podcast. Chris Kresser was formerly known as "healthy skeptic". And Steve Wright has his own site -- but not to be confused with the comedian Steven Wright.

Jimmy Moore podcasts

Jimmy Moore has a few podcasts related to low-carb living:

  • The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show - various guests are brought on to discuss various topic about health (usually low-carb diet related). Although there was one time, Jimmy had on Dr. Dean Ornish (who is more of an advocate of low-fat) -- see show 657.
  • Ask the Low-Carb Experts is a live weekly health radio show where callers ask the expert guest questions on various health topic.
  • Low-Carb Converstations is where Jimmy Moore and Friends (various guests selected for the show) have conversations (usually about low-carb).

Extreme Health Radio by Justin in California has various guests on his podcast. Justin tends towards a raw food diet. Some of his shows are available also on YouTube.

Underground Wellness hosted by Sean Croxton can be found on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Sean wrote the eBook, The Dark Side of Fat Loss and hosted the Paleo Summit. He has various guests on his podcasts, some of which takes caller questions on the air. Sean asks great questions as well, and actually reads the book of the guest expert that he is interviewing.

Get Better Wellness podcast by Erin Chamerlik is available on Blog Talk Radio and iTunes. She has a master's degree in MS Holistic Nutrition Education after battling with her own health challenges.

The Myers Way podcast is by functional medicine physician Amy Myers.

Live to 110 podcast by Wendy Myers.

On Diet and Health podcast by Beverly Meyer -- no relation to the above mentioned (I don't think) because the last name is spelled differently.

The Dr. Rob Show by Dr. Robert Maki is available on iTunes as well as played directly on his website

EcoFit Health Radio by Brian and Kevin. Brian is a counselor with so many of the shows cover topics of anxiety.

BulletProof Executive Radio by Dave Asprey who is an bio-hacker. The show is ranked #1 in the health category on iTunes! at the time of this writing (sometime in early 2014).

The Smarter Science of Slim - Jonathan Bailor and Carrie Brown talk about nutrition and also fitness. Episodes are available on iTunes, on YouTube, and can be downloaded.

Dr. Lo Radio Show - Her name is Dr. Lauren Noel and she is an naturopathic doctor in California. Shows are available on iTunes and on Blog Talk Radio. She often has guest experts on her show. And occasionally, she has herself as the guest expert. Caller can call in to have questions answered.

Balanced Bites podcast is by Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe (no relation to Robb Wolf mentioned below). Available on iTunes and Stitcher radio.

The Paleo Solution podcast by Robb Wolfe (no relation to Liz Wolfe -- their last name is spelled slightly differently anyways). It is co-hosted by Greg Everett. As implied in the title, the show centers around Paleo diet lifestyle. And because Robb coaches athletes and Greg owns a gym, the podcast talks a good deal about fitness as well. The podcast is available on iTunes, but most of them are marked as "explicit" by iTunes. The episodes may contain expletives and F-Bombs. If you don't know what an F-bomb is, listen to a few episodes and you get the picture. So perhaps this podcast is not quite safe-for-work. But then you are using headphones anyways, right?

Relentless Roger and Caveman Doctor podcast is also hosted by two guys and there is also a gym involved. One is a real doctor and another is co-owner of Relentless Fitness. I'll let you figure out which is which. Like the Paleo Solution podcast, it talks about fitness and paleo diet. But unlike the Paleo Solution, this podcast is clean.

The Paleo View Podcast by Stacy Toth and Sarah Ballantyne. Before Stacy and Sarah gets into the meat of the podcast, they like to start off with some light conversation between the two. Then often there is a segment "Science with Sarah" which talks about various science of nutrition. Because Sarah has an autoimmune disease and developed an autoimmune protocol based on a modified paleo diet, the podcast often talks about autoimmunity.

Latest in Paleo is yet another podcast often covering -- you guessed it -- paleo diet. Paleo is getting popular. The podcast is hosted by Angelo Coppola. The podcasts are available on iTunes and you can download the audio show at

One Radio Network doesn't have podcasts just on health. But it is categorized by section and you can go directly to the Health and Nutrition section. Hosted by Patrick Timpone from Texas, he has various guests on his show. And sometimes questions from callers are answered.

It's RainMaking Time podcast by Kim Greenhouse has intelligent discussions of various topics, many of which are related to health.

Maximize Your Health with Dr. Josh Axe weekly podcast talks about health, nutrition, and fitness. Available on iTunes.

Natural News Radio consists for various podcasts as listed here, some of which are related to health. For example, some of them include ...

  • Homegrown Health
  • Prescriptions for Health
  • The Doctor Mitch Show
  • Mental Health Exposed
  • The Health Ranger Report

You can download their MP3 archives so that you can listed from anywhere.

Wait, there's more

We're not finished yet. There are many more podcast on health and nutrition. Some more are ...

  • Paleo Magazine Radio
  • Primal Diet Modern Health with Beverly Meyer


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