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Health illiteracy Cold Sores and Fever Blisters

Updated on October 27, 2014

People don't know it's herpes simplex virus

So many people don't understand that fever blisters/cold sores is the herpes simplex virus. There is herpes simplex virus one and two. I don't want anybody to touch me, come near me with this virus. It's spreading like an epidemic and I don't want any part of this statistics. Do not kiss people, do not eat off dirty forks, and do not drink after each other, all these activities have the potential to give you the virus. It is probably the most common transmissions. If I happen to catch a nasty plate, spoon, etc... I make sure if I have the means to either wash it myself and/or just explained that it's nasty and refuse to eat. I can't stress the importance of getting enough assertiveness to protect your health.

Why do babies have it?

Well, more than likely the mother either transmitted either through birth which is probably high unlikely unless you live in a developing country or she and/or family, friends, etc put their dirty lips on that child. That's why I will not allow you to be kissing on my baby when and/or if I have any especially since oral sex is practiced more in this century. Don't allow anybody to kiss on your babies.

What can you do about......

I am currently living in a homeless shelter. I was very upset when this girl who appeared to have cold sores/fever blisters would talk over my food and hold my hand for prayer. Well, I brought two supplements with me when I decided to stay. Thank God, I have 60 pills to last me approximately two months. L-Lysine I just discovered with protect you from the virus (herpes simplex) and help with outbreaks. I probably got this to avoid osteopenia again but I can't stress how thankful I am in listening to Holy Ghost to buy these pills. Not only would I have snapped on this girl being so free-spirited to spread this infectious virus but I probably would want to box/fight her. I would have forgot all my Christian values and pretend she was an animal-no ability to logical research her diagnosis. And people wonder why Americans are stressed out about ebola. Stop the madness and learn about your diseases.

was an animal since she probably doesn't know that it is herpes simplex virus


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