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Health Insurance Quotes Self Employed

Updated on August 10, 2010

Health Insurance Quotes Self Employed

Specifically for Hub writers that need self employed health insurance it is essential for all and any individual who owns and manages their own business. It is a type of protection that guards you from all types of financial and legal liabilities that can happen in your organization and affect you negatively. There is a wide selection of insurance plans available for the self employed like ourselves from various insurance companies.

If you are working and considering becoming self you can often protect their health coverage by making the initial step of extending their employer-sponsored health insurance through COBRA program. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 allows recent employee’s to extend their benefits for up to eighteen months after leaving their employment. The one down side is employers do not have to pay their portion of your plan's premium. This, unfortunately, can range from 75 to 80 percent of a plan’s cost. By retaining your coverage and paying the employer portion, you will likely see a large difference in what you pay for the coverage

Life Insurance

Health Insurance considerations you need to look at:

Disability insurance – This type of plan provides consistent income to an employee who injures themselves and becomes disabled while working at your office.

Liability insurance - This insurance plan protects you against the liability if any one of your employees gets injured or dies while working in your organization

Key employee insurance – Since most small business have less then ten people working one of them can play a key role. If their absence cripples the entire system this insurance plan protects your business against the loss of that employee who is critical for you

Business interruption insurance - Business interruption insurance is a unique plan that has the ability to protect you from losses due to natural and man-made disasters like earthquake, fire, theft, flood, tornado, and hurricanes

In addition to these your will want to look at property insurance, unemployment insurance, social security programs and other important self employment insurance plans that should not be overlooked 

Life Insurance Rates

Realities of Health Insurance Provider Plans

Since most of us are self employed or work for small business owners who don’t have health insurance. Regrettably, this means that millions of individuals and hubbers alike go without health insurance in the US because they believe they can not afford it.

Reports tell us that people who don’t have health insurance will be less likely to visit a doctor unless it is a dire emergency. This absence of routine physical check ups tend to mean that an illness or disease is undiagnosed. Numerous times an individual without health insurance will only go to see a doctor when symptoms or illness becomes full blown. This is leads to illnesses and diseases such as diabetes that are preventable if detected early becoming a problem.When it comes to increasing expenditures due to older age and illness free up some equity from a reverse mortgage

Health Insurance Quotes

How are Health Insurance quotes calculated?

Various aspects go into formulating health insurance premiums. For an example, if you are young, in good health and only insuring yourself you will likely be given a comparatively low quote. On the other hand if you’re insuring your entire family and have a pre-existing health concerns such as arthritis or diabetes, your quote would likely higher.

If you have pre-existing conditions, you do have a range of options. For example, people typically assume if they have a higher deductible it will save them money each month due to lower monthly premiums. Keep in mind; if you will likely need scheduled medical treatments and or doctor visits, including medications each month, it may be better to pay a higher premium with a lower deductible.

Insurance Companies

When comparing health insurance plans, look at an assortment of policies which are available and compare the advantages and disadvantages. Decide which self employed health insurance plan will best suit your health and budget.

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    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      8 years ago from SE MA

      It's often worth the cost of membership to join a group like NASE or even just your local Chamber of Commerce to get group rates on insurances.


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