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Health insurances should be tailored to an individual needs.

Updated on August 24, 2015

Every body is different.

Health insurances are suppose to help people and we pay up our who-ha's (can not post swear words) for health insurances where for some people it really is not tailored to help us.

People pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month. Of course when people need medication health insurances may help those that need certain medications to help have it a lower priced but when speaking with people they are paying for hundreds of discounted medications that they still can not really afford.

But my whole point, sometimes there is other alternatives then to just a take a "pill" and those alternatives are not covered by health insurances.

I have spoken quite openly about "acupuncture" and if this is something that truly can help someone to feel better, in which I have heard that there really is no side effects with acupuncture, why I can not see that if this is something that truly helps an individual, health insurances should have a special option for those that need something different to help people pay for special treatments to help them.

Now a days, health insurances marijuana is getting more and more approved for medicinal purposes. .

Of course because it probably is considered a "herb" it probably does help people, but not everyone can take all herbs. Our bodies are different so what could help one person, may not help another person.

I also tend to think, some people may want to use the whole medical thing, just so they can use it to get high because we all know that a lot of doctors are going to write a prescription for drugs and they get money for it.

So. but of course when people get money for something, why not keep writing prescriptions for something that you can make money of right?

Now if someone is in pain, of course I am going to say help them anyway and if they want to use marijuana go right ahead because it is not fun in being in pain.

But I tend to think a lot of drugs and pot, just "mask" the symptoms and do not help with pain and not really cure anything.

Think about it. A lot of times, just so one person takes one pill, they then end up taking two or three pills because of the side effects of the first pill. and I do not understand why you have to keep taking more and more pills for the first pill to help one thing in which your going to try and cure, thus having to keep taking a whole slue of pills just to take the first pill in the first place.

Of course trying to have other alternatives added onto a health insurance needs to maybe have a bill and such or it has to go through all this red tape and it is not approved.

But once again, and yes I repeat myself, I think if we have to health insurance for any individual if they are in need of anything that is going to help make them feel better, like acupuncture then it should be included in their health insurance.

I not sure why in this day and age that if is something truly helps someone, why it is not taken care of by their insurances. Isn't this what health insurances for?

Of course it may sound crazy but sometimes I think the whole medical field, they actually do not really want to cure people, because if people get cured there will be no more need for medications so people will probably go out of business and if you think about it, people do not want to really go out of business but they probably are so greedy in the first place they probably value the almighty dollar more so than actually helping to heal human beings.

Yes, or course everything does come down to money.

But I for one, will never understand why people have to be so greedy and not really want to help those that are sick and suffering and is that not what doctors really should be going to school for in the first place is to help people?

Of course there are good doctors in the world that care but how come now a days, people are getting a lot of medications a lot easier and faster in the first place.

I remember years ago it seemed like it took a while to be prescribed any type of medications and now it is so easy as to write on a piece of paper and there you go.

But who am I to say because I am no doctor but once again in this day and age, you think they would have cures for so many things out there.

I know that with different alternatives, and sitting with individuals myself, those that I know in different places that do not live around me that actually are licensed to do acupuncture themselves really intend on helping people and want to see people get better.

I am not so sure if all these drugs and medications are always a good thing, but then again I don't take tons of medications so maybe I really do not know after all.

Still, it would be nice to see more cures really happening and people become more healthy and not stuck having a draw full of medications and trying to keep track of the pills they have to take, just so the first one they take for something, with the side effects which see to always say could cause "death" only to take a whole bunch more with even more side effects.

I hope someday that more and more people will be cured and be free of medications.

Maybe in my next life I will choose to become a doctor because I for one would seriously like to help those people who are hurting.

Once again, who am I to say? I am no doctor in the first place but I do know that all human beings do deserve a quality way of living.


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