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HealthCare Bill 2010- new changes

Updated on October 27, 2010

The long anticipated Health Care Reform Bill is now law. After months and months of listening to the debates and watching the voting in the House and the Senate , I still felt I knew very little about the facts that were going to effect my life. I will attempt to present the facts of the current changes that have just become law as of September 23, 2010. Since this bill is one thousand pages long I have not attempted to read it. But I have read many sites about these changes and hopefully I have acquired reputable information. I will list all sites I have used at the end of this article as well as additional links you may also want to visit.

1 in 7 don't have health insurance. The sheer cost of coverage is the number one reason. Along with many people losing their jobs thus losing their coverage , plus millions more who have fallen through the exclusion holes created by the current system. Premiums have doubled over the last 9 years and our population is aging. This will put a strain on the system so a reform was needed.

The following nine points are the major changes to our current health care plans :

1. You must have medical insurance or risk being fined. ( Fines run from $ 95 to $695 per person per year . But will not be phased in until 2014.) You may qualify for assistance from the government if you do not earn enough to purchase health insurance.

2. More Health Care Jobs are expected to be created by the demand of 33 million additional consumers. Some jobs only take a few months to get a degree.

3. Adult children stay on their parents policies until 26 years. Currently, most companies drop coverage for young adults at the age of 19.

"Up to 2.4 million young adults, up to 1.8 million who are uninsured and nearly 600,000 who purchase coverage in the individual market, could gain coverage through their parents. (White House)

4. Insurance cannot drop you if you get sick. Many people lost their insurance when they needed it most.

"Approximately 10,700 people's coverage, whose coverage is dropped each year because they get sick or make a technical mistake on their applications, will be protected under the law. (White House)

5. Starting this year your child or children cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

" Up to 72,000 uninsured children are expected to gain coverage.... Coverage for up to 90,000 children will no longer exclude benefits of a pre-existing condition. (White House )

6. There will be no caps on coverage when your costs for treatment goes up due to sickness.

" Up to 20,400 people who typically hit their lifetime limits on the dollar amount that can be spent on coverage, along with nearly 102 million enrollees who have policies with lifetime limits, will no longer have to worry about hitting their benefits cap." (White House )

7. Waiting times for pre-existing conditions will be changed , you will have new coverage options.

8. Qualified small businesses will get tax credits to help cover their workers' premiums.

9. Medicare Prescription drug rebates for Seniors. Medicare Part D enrollees who hit the Medicare prescription drug benefit gap in 2010 automatically will receive a $250 rebate check.

Sites used" - A federal government website managed by U.S. Dpt. of Health & Human Services

To view a video that explains very clearly most concepts of this new law , please go to the final site . I was unable to copy this video to my site at list time.

drugs | Source

It is my understanding that one very important part of this new law is that 80% of premium costs must be spent on direct patient health care not administrative costs ,etc. I have to wonder why no one is emphasizing this very important point.


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  • fetty profile image

    fetty 7 years ago from South Jersey

    Dear James, thank you for stopping by. I wrote this because of the many confusing articles that were filled with misinformation. I will try to update this topic as time goes by. One hopes that true reform will make it possible for all Americans to be able to receive medical care when needed. If the other top nations of the world offer this CARE to their citizens why have we waited so long?

  • fetty profile image

    fetty 7 years ago from South Jersey

    Dear William R. Wilson - thank you for your comments. I found many blogs but few good sources when researching this topic. I really appreciate your views and your well researched hubs as well. Thanks again.

  • James A Watkins profile image

    James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

    Thank you for this needful Hub. All of this sounds very positive. I appreciate your fine research.

  • William R. Wilson profile image

    William R. Wilson 7 years ago from Knoxville, TN

    Thanks for putting this information out there! There is too much disinformation spread by the indsustry that is profiting at the expense of our health.