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HealthTips to Think About

Updated on September 12, 2016

Protect Yourself from Heat Stroke

The weather is hot and we have not yet entered into the month of August. So we must be careful not to allow our bodies to become overheated. If a person's body becomes too hot they can have what is commonly known as a heat stroke. This condition is not a matter to be taken lightly.

It is important to keep the body hydrated. When a person is dehydrated it is more difficult for the body to regulate its cooling system therefore possibly causing heat stroke. Heat stroke is a life threatening situation. I repeat life threatening.

A sign of heat stroke is the body's inability to sweat, breathing can become difficult, and the pulse can become rapid. In severe cases a person can go into seizures. A coma can happen. All of these things need not be present for a person to be having a heat stroke.

Persons experiencing heat stroke must get attention quickly. Place them in a cool place, loosen their clothing and place cool towels on their body. A cool sponge bath if you will. This is done in order to bring down the body temperature. And of course get them medical attention immediately.

It is best to try and stay out of extreme heat, but for some that is not always possible. A few precautions can be taken to lessen the chance of heat stroke; wear light clothing, stay clear of caffeine drinks and alcohol, and drink plenty of water. And by all means wear a hat.

Green is on the Bean

Going green is very popular these days, very healthy, and money saving Using plants to help clean the air such as English ivy is a great money saver. You can buy appliances to do the job but using Mother Nature is cheaper and healthier. There is nothing that can sweep heat and odor from a home like a gust of wind before it rains.

The old fashioned way of opening your door to allow the outside air to come in sill works great. The Philodendron works as an air cleaner too, it is wonderful to have natural things that help to take care of our environment.

There is a lot of talk about dust and the damage that it does, wearing your carpet getting into your curtains and bedding. The little method of taking your shoes off at the door helps to keep your house cleaner and more dust and dirt out. Before sidewalks taking your street shoe off was a common practice in many places, and it never hurts to have less cleaning to do and more time for your favorite pastime.

Other tips are out there, changing your light bulbs to the eco- friendly ones, placing a timer on your lights, using a power strip, and unplugging appliances that are not being used. You can save quite a lot of money on your electric bill; you may not think very much about it now but try it, finding a few hundred dollars left over during the year-end holiday season always brings a little smile to your face.

Doggie Pain


Everyone knows your dog feels badly some days the same as people. But the confusion at times is what you can possibly give your pouch for pain. Well, try many of the same remedies you use when you are not feeling well but in some cases less is more. When your doggie is in pain change his or her rate of activity, check to see if a joint has been injured. Animals are very smart and will indicate when you have found the pain just don’t check too harshly. Try using a heating pad or ice bag on the area the same as you would for yourself.Animals in pain understand when you are trying to help. There are many drugs to give your dog but for these check with your Vet. Many drugs help with inflammation but feeding your dog properly will help before pain arrives.

Wear Sunglasses

It will soon be the time of year when the Sun will be bearing down, the Beach will be very hot and people will be getting out as much as possible. Tourist and locals will be soaking up the rays, but so will your eyes. The harmful rays of the Sun can be very unkind, for this summer you need a good pair of Sunglasses.

I have looked at several pairs but narrowed it down to two different styles. The darkest are nice and keep the bulk of the sun out of your eyes but I like the Sunglasses that change as you move in and out of different light levels. It is a difficult decision to make when they both look so great. Sunglasses can make you look cool, suave, or intellectual, however you want to look. Optometrist believe you should wear Sunglasses to keep the harmful rays of the Sun out of your eyes. After picking lenses that are good for your eyes try finding something that looks great.

You have probably been wearing the same Sunglasses the whole summer, scratched them, dropped them, no doubt tossed them about more than you care to discuss. Then, it could be that you are simply tired of wearing the Sunglasses you have and want a new pair. There are a lot of great looking Sunglasses out there, styles to fit any personality. Enjoy the Sun with Sunglasses. You will have great fun wearing your Sunglasses on the Beach.


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