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Healthy Armpits! Product Review, Buy Tom's of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant

Updated on March 8, 2022

What's all this noise about Aluminum, Alzheimer's and Deodorant?

First of all, before I waft my deodorant review around, please let me explain why I care about having healthy armpits. Mainly, it's because I don't want to lose my mind. There's been a lot of research going back and forth about the toxicity of aluminum salts in food, drinking water and products such as deodorant. Although many people claim that aluminum is just fine to ingest (especially the aluminum corporations!) many independent studies have found problems. Correlations between aluminum ingestion and renal and Alzheimer's disease have been shown, while other studies deny these claims. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust and the third most abundant metal on the earth inside and out, so good luck avoiding it all together! Ha! But, as you may have noticed, aluminum is never on the back of the food packages on the Nutrition Facts chart. The FDA doesn't require so-many grams of aluminum in our diet. It's great for siding roofs and tackle boxes, but do your best to keep it out of your digestive tract if you can.

Which brings us to Tom's Of Maine 24 Hour Odor Protection Crystal Confidence Deodorant! I bought the Citrus Zest flavor. Alright maybe flavor isn't the best word to use for deodorant but first off can I just say how great this stuff smells! For a fella like me who rarely wears scented anything this product really smells great. More importantly though, it works. I've tried several "all natural" deodorants in an effort to avoid aluminum, aluminum zirconium and aluminum sulfate among others and this is the only product without those industrially processed ingredients that works!

Now hold your horses there a second feller, Tom's Of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant still contains Potassium Alum? Isn't Alum just another word for aluminum? You are very observant young grasshopper. In fact alum, as defined by The American Heritage Dictionary is: n. Any of various double sulfates of a trivalent metal such as aluminum, chromium, or iron and a univalent metal such as potassium or sodium, esp. aluminum potassium sulfate, widely used in industry as clarifiers, hardeners, and purifiers, and medicinally as topical astringents and styptics.

For the record, univalent means "having valence" or basically, having the ability to bind with other atoms. Styptics are substances with the ability to contract tissues or blood vessels, much like astringents. Why does this matter? It matters because many of the industrial aluminum salts used have been shown to more easily get past our pores and into our bloodstream. Potassium alum research has shown that this alum type is less likely to be absorbed fully through human skin. Also, unlike aluminum sulfate which is a byproduct of the aluminum materials industry, potassium alum is a mineral taken directly out of the earth for human consumption. Which would you rather give to your children? A mineral immediately taken out of the earth or one that has been processed alongside of vehicle batteries, welding equipment and chemical buffing agents then scooped up and put inside of products made for human ingestion? It's a clear case of less-is-more with a less processed product like Tom's Of Maine Deodorant once again clearly coming out on top.

Tom's Of Maine Crystal Confidence Deodorant Works!

You Can Buy Tom's Of Maine Deodorant Online Too!
You Can Buy Tom's Of Maine Deodorant Online Too!

Whaddy got against aluminum buddy? I eat chopped-up soda cans for dinner with a side order of foil!

As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a total blast on aluminum. Aluminum is a great metal for construction, it's lightweight anti-corrosive properties make awesome automobile parts, fighter planes and skyscrapers. But do your best to keep it out of your personal constitution. Research shows that people who have trouble expelling environmental metals from their body are more likely to have problems with aluminum, and any metal really, such as mercury or lead. There are ways to naturally purge your system of these metals that I won't go into detail. But suffice it to say that certain foods, like chocolate and cilantro have shown evidence of having binding qualities that draw these toxins out of our systems. Thing is, we live in a polluted world of our own creation. We need stuff, we need to make money and in so doing, we all have to live in this big mess we've created around here. The best you can do is try to avoid the worst of it.

For instance, I avoid cooking acidic foods in aluminum pots. I avoid eating antacids that contain aluminum. I avoid some foods that use aluminum dyes (Pop Tarts brand doesn't use aluminum dye, two types of generic "toast tarts" I've tried do! A genuine sphinx!) I use deodorant sparingly, any kind. I know this may be hard to believe for some folks, but you don't need to apply aluminum salt to your armpits everyday of your life. Routine may be psychologically assuring, but mindless patterns can contribute to long term illness, and I'm talking about more than deodorant when I say that!

Unlike some all natural products I've tried in the past, Tom's Of Maine 24 Hour Odor Protection Crystal Confidence Deodorant actually works, and it works well. Did I mention the organic fragrance the folk's at Tom's use is something near heaven? I paid a few nickels more for it than regular brand deodorant and it was worth it. Generally as far as companies go, Tom's Of Maine looks out for their customers' health and that's pretty darn great for this consumer! I wholly support the future of healthy armpits everywhere by advocating Tom's Of Maine Deodorant. Look into Tom's Of Maine, they are a leader in organic/all natural products for a reason!


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