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Healthy Eating- Diets Are A Joke

Updated on October 2, 2012

To those who want to get healthy

Fitness Fitness Fitness…

I hate the diet schemes and workout schemes that promise to get you in shape in 30 to 60 days…Sure they work to an extent….about as long as they tell you the results will show…and then they are an avalanche on the human psyche because they stop working…SURPRISE

Our bodies are advanced…they are designed to adapt to all kinds of things…workout routines that are the same for more than a 2 month span our bodies plateau in regard to results because they are designed that way…diets stop working because our bodies get used to lack of nutrients and learn to survive and store away more….long story short…these “FADS” I will call them…simply don’t work…

This article is going to be about diet…I don’t want to talk about fitness…It’s boring and is practically common sense for most aside from beginners….which by all means I encourage beginners to simply make time for 3 times a week to do something fitness oriented for at least a half hour of time…and gradually you will see results…as for diet…

Atkins…South Beach…ect….Bad bad bad….Any form of long term change where you stop supplying your body carbs or things of that nature is bad…over time you will lack energy…seeing as though carbs are primarily stored energy to use…they become fatty tissue when you eat lots of them and then lay around all day….but the consistent lack of feeding your body carbs will drive it into a stasis where you have no energy to do anything…and yes eating healthy fats will slowly burn off while in a resting state…but you will want to do nothing…that being said…a healthy look on how to eat…

I’ve learned to base up until about 4 in the afternoon meals primarily around carbs and proteins…and eat frequently….this isn’t to say fill a plate a bon appetite 5 times during the afternoon…yes this will make you fat…eat small portions often…and eat more accordingly…If you have a nice workout…indulge, your body will use the extra food to make up for what you just burned…and it will be used in a way to restore torn muscle. Healthy carbs consist of just about any fruit…wheat bread…whole grains…anything with partially hydrogenated anything is bad…high fructose corn syrup is bad…things that were discovered once upon a time….Protein should be lean…tuna, chicken, lean ground beef…accompanied with the proper carbs will not only have you feel full…but it will be used in a way that your body gets the most from it.

Later in the day you should put your meals around healthy fats and protein. Many people don’t understand the myth behind fats…they feel…its fat…you eat it…you get plump, not really the truth. Healthy fats are good for you. Saturated fats are bad. Fats help convert fatty tissue in the human body into muscle and if not muscle…into waste that will soon exit your body…When your body is in a resting state ingesting healthy fats with healthy proteins maximizes possible gains via digestion and keeps you feeling full…

The key to it is eating clean carbs clean protein and clean fats at the appropriate times…it’s not about following a diet to the T. Not to mention…once or twice a week…indulge. Eat whatever you want…whatever portion you want to erase the cravings that hit time to time when you miss eating sweet unhealthy foods. Just go crazy…one day isn’t going to set you back…and not only that…but it confuses your body. Your body will gradually adjust to your healthier life style of eating…and when you suddenly have a big cheat meal it has to work harder and it offsets it from the diet ‘mind frame’ you put it into. It makes the damage done less sever, makes you happy that you got to escape your regulated way of new eating, and then you can get back to your goal of eating in a more healthy manner.

This article is left with lots of open interpretation…that’s the point…a diet doesn’t have to be so direct…I gave a basic formula…google healthy carbs…healthy protein…healthy fats…and apply it to what I’ve laid out for you…and eat in a way you can tolerate. Enjoy and good luck in your healthy road.


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