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Healthy Food - Eat Raw, Be Happy

Updated on January 28, 2013
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Why Not Eat The Best Way You Can?

Everybody knows: fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are healthy foods. Why is that so? Because of the fiber contained in them that helps with moving stuff through the intestines, because of the high-quality water content present in fruits and vegetables that cleanses and hydrates and because of the nutrients that support the well functioning of the body.

Some people say that fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, when consumed in their raw state are healthier that when consumed cooked. How so? Because the cooking process reduces the amount and the quality of the nutrients present in raw vegetables and also because heating takes most of the water out of the vegetables. Apart from these reasons, there are also the oxygen, the enzymes, the phytonutrients and the hormones that are present in raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and absent in their cooked version - these constituents are essential for good health and it is important to have them included in our diets.

Vegan raw foods give you energy, and it makes sense: with nutrients that the body needs in order to function properly, with fiber and enzymes that help digestion, with hormones that improve your mood, with a proper amount of oxygen that alkalizes the blood and with all the other health building elements present in raw foods, your body can feel as it should feel, while functioning as it should function: healthily.

Check out Dr. Brian Clement from the Hippocrates Health Institute in the following video for more information. You might want to try the raw food diet for at least a short period of time and see how it feels. You just can't feel low and you can't avoid feeling happy when eating a high amount of raw, fresh vegan foods. Choose health!

Dr. Brian Clement - How to Stop the Aging Process


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    • inding profile image

      inding 5 years ago from Romania

      I'm happy you agree with me, Rosie. Thumbs up for your healthy habits! Don't forget about soaked raw nuts and seeds, they are an extremely healthy addition to anybody's diet.

    • Rosie writes profile image

      Rosie writes 5 years ago from Virginia

      This is very true, and we always need reminding. I try to incorporate fresh fruit and veggies into every meal. We often make large veggie trays and set them out for the kids to munch on and they always do. Interesting video and hub!