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Orange- A Healthy Heart Food

Updated on March 11, 2014

Heart and Role of Foods in maintaining it's health

There is famous quote saying " the most beautiful thing in world is felt by heart". Romantically heart is an expression of love and our feelings for loved ones. What does the heart do in our body ? It is the pumping machine of our body. With this organ the blood is circulated to every part of the body. In case this pumping machine is not healthy then it effects the other organs of the body as they cannot receive adequate amount of oxygenated blood. Leading an invitation to many health problems like heart attack, stroke, kidney failure etc. So it is of utmost importance to have healthy heart. It can be healthy when you consume a good levels of fruits, vegetables,nuts and other healthy foods. Make sure the food you eat is contains less of saturated and trans fats. As health foods will lower bad cholesterol levels. Whats more it will protect the heart from oxidation stress as it will have good amount of antioxidants., A good food will lower high blood pressure as it has low sodium content. All this will result in preventing and lowering heart problems.

Snapshot of Orange nutrition


Eating Oranges for heart health

Oranges are a juicy fruit. It is round like ball . Remove the outer skin to enjoy the pulpy flesh . The taste ranges from sweet to sour. This citrus fruit is promoter of great body health.Oranges are known for Vitamin C content. This vitamin is present in high levels around 53.2 mg /100 grams which is 89.2% of daily body requirement. It is rich in other nutrients also. You can eat them or enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice.
Oranges are know as heart healthy tonic. The inclusion of this fruit in your diet will prevent many heart diseases and at the same time keep your heart fit and young. It provides the following benefits to the heart:

1)Bad cholesterol LDL is responsible for arteries plaguing and blocking leading to heart attack and other heart ailments. Oranges have the ability to reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels and at the same time increasing the good HDL cholesterol levels. This is due to the high level of flavonoids and vitamin C in orange.

2) This fruit is zero cholesterol and zero fat food. Such foods are considered heart healthy.

3) Another nutrient folate in oranges lead to many heart health benefits. 100 grams of orange contain 30mcg that 8 % you need daily. Folates are responsible for lowering plasma homocysteine levels and aid in the formation of redblood cells. Higher levels of plasma homocysteine leads to cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis.

4)Dietary fiber( pectin) content in oranges is 2.4mg per 100 grams.This nutrient has the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels resulting in preventing heart diseases.

5)This super fruit reduces high blood pressure. As you know high blood pressure is responsible for artery damage thus causing heart diseases and many other diseases. The ability to regulate blood pressure is due to hesperidin. Hesperidin reduces diastolic blood pressure by and improves blood flow apart from lowering cholesterol ability. Now there is another nutrient in potassium in oranges it lowers the systolic blood pressure levels. So both higher and lower BP readings are lowered by orange consumption. Eat oranges regularly or drink a glass of orange juice to avail this benefits.

6)Oxidized cholesterol leads to artery blockage leading to heart failure. Oranges prevents the oxidation of bad cholesterol LDL by free radicals. This is due to its great vitamin C levels.

Orange use in food recipes


The information provided in this article is for education and information purpose only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should use the advice of your family doctor or physician before using any home remedies, supplements or for starting any new health program.

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