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Healthy Recipes and Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Updated on January 11, 2018

Easy Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to easy ways to lose weight there is a vast abundance of different ways to choose from. Unfortunately most of the so called 'easy' ways also carry the most risk. Easy does not mean anything else, such as safe, sensible, cheap or healthy. Just easy and that is it.

Certain products and diets on the market can help you lose weight easily.

These products really do show you easy ways to lose weight but diligence is still advised. Not only should any major change in diet or exercise routines be monitored, but they should also be gradual, and not sudden change. This is to prevent adverse reaction, within the body, and to optimize the chances of any benefits obtained becoming permanent as opposed to temporary gain.

Methods such as substituting water for food, taking up smoking cigarettes, using diet pills etc all carry enormous health risks and side effects. These can include any number of the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Stomach Pains
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Decreased motivation
  • Depression
  • Loss of strength
  • Decreased stamina levels
  • Decreased attention span
  • Loss of concentration
  • Poor vision

It is for this reason that the easy ways need to be treated cautiously and not jumped into. Bear in mind that the human body is like a very finely tuned machine. All of its parts need to work in unison and therefore depend on each other to be in top working condition.

To introduce any change suddenly, into the dietary system, is to ask for a sudden reaction to that change and is ill advised at best.

An old adage serves well in the body building and weight loss game and that is “no pain no gain”. Unfortunately one cannot expect years of weight gain to instantly dissapear in a couple of weeks or so. There will be work to do. Nothing is that easy, or simple, and to expect it to be is unrealistic.

You will learn a lot about human nature, human behavior, and healthy options. Not only that, you will give yourself a much better chance of choosing methods that suit you as a person, and decrease the risk of making a rash, but rather poor decision.


Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

The solution, to the problem of how to maintain a steady weight, and not gain too much, or lose too much, is a combination of various factors. There needs to be a mature approach to the whole subject, and not simply an action based on a rash thought of “ I want to lose weight now” or “ I need to start losing weight now”.

Yes there is a need to begin a program of weight reduction, as soon as you possibly can, if you have decided you need to, but it does need to be rather well though out, especially in terms of how you are going to go about it.

This will encompass such things as how much time and effort you can afford to inject into the project of losing weight. What dietary changes are you going to have to make? Do you have, or can you get the support of your spouse, friends and / or family members to help you adjust your time schedules as needed. These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before beginning any weight loss programs.

Healthy recipes for weight loss will include the following components:

  • Regular exercise
  • Regular sleep
  • Regular meals
  • Balanced nutritional diet
  • Dietary supplements as and where needed
  • Regular time out / relaxation
  • Regular fluid (water) intake

Any diet or weight loss program which does not encompass most, or all, of these things will need to be enlarged to accommodate them. The last thing you want is for your body to be suffering as a result of too much emphasis being placed on one aspect of your health and not enough on another aspect.

And this is the exact and precise meaning of the term 'healthy'. It is when everything is in balance and in the right or correct proportions. An old adage maintains that 'everything in moderation' is good for you and it is true. Too much of any one thing, in regard to its relationship with other aspects of your health will be damaging.

Excess is to be avoided. Too much salt in your diet will result in high blood pressure. Too much fat intake will result in high cholesterol. Too much fluid will result in excess water retention. This will mean a minimum of one centimeter increase in size, all over your body. Too much carbohydrates, without burning them off through exercise, will result, over time, in being grossly overweight and “big”.

As you can see, the need to maintain a balance, in what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat cannot be over emphasized and is of the utmost importance in regard to sustaining stable body weight and shape.


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    • VictoriaSheffield profile image

      Author Victoria Sheffield 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      Great work!


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