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Healthy Weight Loss Systems And Your Metabolism

Updated on October 17, 2011

Weight Loss Solutions

For some losing weight is a battle, and seeking a weight loss solution is not an easy choice. Between the gazillion weight loss systems being commericalized the temptation to lose weight the quick and easy way is not the best choice.

We call them "lucky", or we might say "they must have a good metabolism".  Of course, we are referring to people who eat anything and everything they want and never gain a pound. We, on the other hand, count every carb and fat gram and still record weight loss in ounces instead of pounds.  It doesn't seem fair, does it?  The good news is that people in relatively good health can do something about it. Regardless of age, body weight or fitness level, anybody can learn about how metabolism works and how to increase it.

Weight loss diets
Weight loss diets

Metabolism Weight Loss

One of the problems that people struggle with when it comes to weight loss is a lack of understanding regarding the nature of metabolism. Consequently, we cannot effectively control or manipulate calorie burn. Our bodies use calories from food sources and burning calories provides energy that our bodies need to function. There are three main ways that we burn calories:

Basal Metabolic Rate. We use energy just to stay alive. Our heart has to pump around the clock; we have to breathe; and our brain is always functioning to some degree. To accomplish these tasks, we use calories. Our basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that it takes to do all of these biological functions and to maintain our current body weight. For example, a 40 year old woman of average height weighing 175 pounds would burn approximately 1400-1500 calories a day just to keep her body functioning. It is important to note here that basal metabolic rate decreases about 5-10% per decade. At age 50, this same woman will only require about 1300-1400 calories for basic bodily functions.

Burning Calories

Calories burned by activity. All physical activity requires energy from calories. Activity encompasses everything from typing on a keyboard to driving a car to cleaning windows. For the average person, this physical activity accounts for about 30% of calories burned on a daily basis.

Dietary thermogenesis. This is the caloric burn produced by digesting, absorbing, transporting, storing and otherwise processing food. Consuming a meal produces heat which, in turn, burns calories. Some types of food burn more calories in the digestive process than others. Raw vegetables, for example, require much more digestive exertion than bread or mashed potatoes.

Weight Loss Diets

safe weight loss
safe weight loss

What's Best For You

  • NutriSystem
  • Weight Watchers
  • MyAlli
  • Seattle Sutton
  • LifeStyle Changes
  • Each person's has different individual goals, and needs.  Some prefer losing weight by other means other than naturally.  LifeStyle changes is one of the better and healtier ways to reduce your weight.  Seattle Sutton is not a weight loss system, but a provider for a healthy life-style eating.
  • Weight Watchers is among one of the anchors of weight loss solutions which have been around for years.

Futuristic Food Scale

weight your food
weight your food

Weight Loss Solutions

  • Build muscle. Research has established that muscle tissue requires more calories in any state, resting or active, than fat tissue. Even just five to ten pounds of extra muscle will increase your basal metabolic rate significantly. To build muscle, engage in simple resistance exercises like bicep curls or squats. Do three to five sets consisting of ten to twelve repetitions each. When using weights, choose a weight that is challenging without causing strain. Always allow a day of rest in between resistance training because muscle grows during rest periods.
  • Eat every two or three hours. We have already learned that due to dietary thermogenesis your body burns calories just by consuming and digesting food. You will double the amount of calories burned during this process simply by eating six times a day instead of three. The key is not to increase your total caloric intake. Many people find that by eating often, they actually reduce the number of calories taken in because they are not as hungry at mealtimes. For maximum thermogenic calorie burn, incorporate lean protein like boneless, skinless chicken breast and raw vegetables such as cucumber, bell peppers, carrots and celery as these foods require much more effort to digest than do simple carbohydrates.

Weight Loss Information

  • Weight Loss Consultations - 1-800-GET-SLIM
  • Weight Loss Tip Helpline - 1-888-TIP-4YOU
  • Jenny Craig - 1-800-597-JENNY


Drinking Plenty of Water

  • Drink water. We have all heard this one before but when you understand the reasons that water is so important it can help make drinking more water a priority. Many people suffering from chronic thirst think they are hungry when, in actuality, they are thirsty. Keeping a full bottle of water with you wherever you go and sipping it throughout the day will likely decrease intense hunger or cravings common to overweight people. With every single cell in your body requiring water and a huge percentage of life sustaining chemical processes occurring in water, it makes sense to make sure and drink plenty. Add ice and your body will expend even more calories to warm it up with no extra effort on your part.

Weight gain is, quite simply, an unbalanced ratio of too many calories taken in to not enough energy expended. When we realize how we use calories and why, we can more fully understand what it takes to build a healthy lifestyle


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  • profile image

    Irene 8 years ago

    A splendid hub with many good information. I have heard sOme of the solutions before but did not really take them seriously. Maybe I should try some of them.

    Irene and

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 8 years ago from Atlanta

    Pmccray, and fastfreta thank you both!

  • fastfreta profile image

    Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

    Another very good hub. Weight loss hubs always catch my attention. And this is a very good one, although I knew most of this, I can honestly say that I learned something new, or a reminder at least. The information on the Basil Metabolic Rate was a reminder, because of my awful memory.

  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 8 years ago from Utah

    Excellent hub, great presentation thanks for the info.

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 8 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Dr.Carlotta, thank you for giving my hub a visit a will return the favor.

  • drpastorcarlotta profile image

    Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 8 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

    Thank you sweetie for this info. Your Hubs are very nice! I must come back and get more info. Much love!!! When you get a chance come visit me.

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

    Wow! Great info! Thanks for sharing - I'm dieting now.

  • adrienne2 profile image

    Adrienne F Manson 8 years ago from Atlanta

    Hi Money Glitch,

    You are certainly correct a small change can make a big difference in having control of our desired weight.

  • Money Glitch profile image

    Money Glitch 8 years ago from Texas

    Great info on the metabolism. Once I learned the trick of eating 4 to 6 small healthy meals a day. I gained control of my weight. It's amazing how one small change like this can begin to give one's figure back. Thanks for sharing. :)