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Healthy Food for Diabetes

Updated on August 11, 2012

Actually, people with diabetes could enjoy the same kind of food like everybody else. The difference is that diabetic people have to control and monitor their carbohydrate consumed. My granny and mom are diabetes, so their total amount of carbs consumed everyday are controlled carefully. But they still enjoy the same meal as we are

Diabetic Diet - 5 Ways To Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

Importance for Diabetes

People with diabetes should maintain their meal schedule carefully. Usually there are 3 times big meals and 3 times snacks. Don't be late for meal. It could be dangerous for them, they could have a hypoglycemia (downturn in blood sugar level) with these symptoms : dizziness, nausea, and fainting. They have to drink a sugar water right away.
Diabetic people have to monitor their calories amount too. Eat in small portion but in frequent time.

This is my mom's schedule :

  • Breakfast  at  7 am   (20 % from total calories amount)
  • Snack I     at 10 am  (10 % from total calories amount)
  • Lunch       at  13 pm ( 25 % from total calories amount)
  • Snack II    at  16 pm ( 10 % from total calories amount)
  • Dinner       at  19 pm ( 25 % from total calories amount)
  • Snack III    at  21 pm ( 10 %  from total calories amount)

People with Diabetes should maintain A1c test for hemoglobin A1c test every three months to check the blood sugar level , the blood pressure level, and the cholesterol level. Check those three regularly. It will better if you have your own blood sugar test device check.

Diabetic people should not drink alcohol because alcohol is processed in the body very similarly to the way fat is processed, and alcohol provides almost as many calories as fat  But if you really have to drink alcohol like in your friend wedding party or in formal ceremony, just drink it in small amount and make sure that when you drink alcohol, your blood sugar level is in normal condition. 

Exercise regularly is good not just for diabetic people, but also for normal people. Take the medicine that the doctor's prescribed and have enough rest.

Type of Food for Diabetes

Type of food determines the speed increasing of blood sugar. Speed in a food raise blood sugar is also called the glycemic index. The faster the increase of blood sugar after certain food is consumed, the higher the food's glycemic index. So, avoid foods with high glychemic index like carbohydrate source such as a simple sugar, honey, syrup, bread, noodles and others.
Choose the food that have low glycemic index that seems to give a low impact to the blood sugar level.

People with diabetes could eat wide variety of foods like vegetables (broccolli and onions are great for diabetes), meats, fruits(don't choose fruits that very sweet like pineapple, orange, grape, and my asian fruits like sawo, rambutans, durians, nangka), cereals, grains, nuts, and other diary products with controlled of course. Add about 25-30 grams of fiber from whole grain breads, cereal, and fruits daily.

If you like to eat cookies or sugary food, choose food product for diabetic people and remember that sugar is one type of carbohydrate. I think diabetic people are allowed to add table sugar in very little amount as long as the amount is a part of overall healthy eating meal. But you should ask your doctor or dietary expert opinions first. Diabetic people could try the Chinese Herbal medication to help control the blood sugar level. Chinese Herbal tea is great, my mom used to drink some Chinese Herbal Tea for diabetes like Teh 919 and Teh Chin Chau (this maybe suitable for my mom) as her daily routine drink. 


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