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Heart attack or Heartburn in women?

Updated on July 29, 2012

For all the women in your lives, heed this warning.

Just happens that this past Friday February 8th was womens heart health day. Seems the same day I happen to just have confusing symptoms that feel like a heart attack. How does the Universe pull that one off in my life? Not sure but it all has it's reasons, as they say.

Well my day started out like any other. I had to drive into the city for a meeting so I prepared to do just that. I ate lunch around 1:30 pm and then left the house by around 2:10 pm. I felt perfectly normal, well as normal as I usually do. Not exactly sure what normal is except for me and my normal. Anyway I ate a simple lunch, turkey sandwich with swiss and avocado on wheat bread. Nothing really spicy or out of the usual for me. So I head into town for my meeting, I arrive on time at 3 pm and my stomach doesn't feel quite right. I hit the restroom, ugh and well, did my business. Felt a bit better and went back to the meeting.

All was well, the meeting was interesting and lasted just over 2 hours long. I never even felt bad or really uncomfortable. I had a few aches in pains in my legs but it was the normal for me struggling to get over an injury of late. I'm not sure when the other symptoms even showed up. I just started to NOT feel normal.

I got into my truck and headed further into town to meet a friend. Got a call that canceled that and so reversed directions and headed home. Yeah the traffic was bad, it was Friday and it was now after 5 pm. So I'm not in a huge hurry and I'm not the impatient sort so I just go with the flow. Didn't feel particularly stressed or anything, just wanted to get home.

That's when I started to feel it. The strange sensation in my chest like someone was sticking me with a knife in the ribs. At first it was just uncomfortable, then it got almost unbearable. I wasn't sure what was happening to me. This is a feeling I had never had before. I scanned my body thinking, what else feels off? I felt achy between my shoulder blades, so I then thought, ah I need adjusted by my chiropractor. Well then the intensity increased and kept increasing.

Now I was starting to get worried. I called a dear friend to ask her what indigestion or heartburn felt like. She was the one who informed of the womens heart health day thing. She then started asking me questions like, "how did it feel"? "Was it a pressure or a stabbing"? "Did it hurt to take a deep breath"? It seemed so surreal that I found it hard to answer because it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. She made me promise to call her when I got home.

I was having a hard time driving now. I could hardly concentrate on the road since it hurt so damn much. I called another friend who was at his computer and he started asking me more in depth questions since he pulled up web md. I started to cry by now cause I was literally scared, I had no idea what was happening. I did feel I was way to young and healthy for anything like this to happen to me. Heck I didn't even know what heartburn was like let alone a heart attack.

Well he talked me threw a few questions and relieved my fear some. When I got home he was at the door with an aspirin, just in case, and then I went to lie down. We talked more and analyzed all the questions, made sure we had covered all our bases and then I started to relax. It still hurt like hell but by now I had taken my bra off and got a little more comfortable.

It took almost an hour and then the symptoms just started to fade. I was relieved since I still was not sure what my experience was. I still think it must be heartburn but since I have never had it I can't be sure. I just know that it scared the crap out of me and my dear friends. I vow now to do a bit better taking care of myself and getting in a bit more cardio work in than usual. I plan to also drop a bit of extra weight just in case that too could be a problem in my health.

I have had way too much stress with getting off of Effexor and having broken arms and a bruised kidney all this year. I am gonna try to have a bit more serenity in my life and manifest some peace of mind.

For all of you out there who have women that you love, be they sister, mothers, lovers, friends, please take care of them. We as women work way too hard caring for others and seem to always be last on the list of caring for ourselves. I don't know much about the heart attack symptoms other than they are not like a man's. They tend to be a bit more subtle and you sometimes have jaw pain or pain in the arm but not always. They say it is more like pressure in the chest and it is hard to breathe. Look up this information for yourself and see what the warning signs are so if you need the help you can get it.

I had a good scare and don't plan on repeating it if possible. I just would rather no one have this experience if necessary. Please take care and take care of your heart.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks Vicki. I did see my doctor and all is well. I dropped 20 lbs and got an elliptical machine to work on the cardio I had been meaning to do. I feel great and glad it

      was nothing more.

    • Vicki.Pierce profile image

      Susan Ungrey 

      7 years ago from Grand Rapids, Michigan

      Sounds like a scary experience for you! Another scary thing is that I experienced these type of symptoms a couple of months before a had a heart attack. Please do yourself a favor and see your doctor. : )

    • HealthyHeart profile image


      8 years ago

      Great article!It is quite informative and you have elucidated a very important issue quite well.


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