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Heartburn Remedies

Updated on September 25, 2009

As someone who has suffered from agonizing heartburn on several occasions, I can tell you there is nothing better than figuring out what's instigating your problem and sorting the whole thing out. For some, that will be as simple as taking Pepcid AC prior to eating foods that don't agree with their esophagus (or perhaps taking one immediately after) but for others traditional medications don't seem to work very well. This can lead to all sorts of frustration when one is trying to quell the painful experience of having bile bounce up into your throat or mouth, let alone the gripping pain you can experience in your chest when things really start to get going. Well, good news, people: Whether you're the type for whom medication works, or the type for whom it does not, there's a whole new type of treatment available for you and it's all natural. Have a look at these natural heartburn cures and remedies.

Natural Heartburn Remedy Alternatives

An easy to read book which is full of health and dietary advice, as well as providing data from scientific studies, this book of Natural Alternatives to all those prescriptions your doctor wants to try is a great way to save money (on unnecessary meds), time (all those unnecessary trips to the doctor) and patience (as diagnosing and treating heartburn can be such a frustrating process.) Instead of stressing yourself out, have a look at this book and learn why your medications might not be the answer to your heartburn -- and find out what really is.

No More Heartburn in 30 Days!

No More Heartburn: Stop the Pain in 30 Days will help you diagnose the cause of your heartburn, reflux, etc, and it will also tell you how to cure it. If you're not keen to go your own on it, the book will also tell you how to talk to your doctor and which clinical tests you'll want to request. You may be surprised to find that the underlying cause if your heartburn is an allergy, infection or overgrowth of yeast! This book gets fabulous reviews from even the most skeptical patients. Try it, you may surprised to find yourself singing its praises before the month is done!

Stomach Acid's Good For You

Stomach acid is not the enemy, and that's precisely what is meant by the title of Why Stomach Acid is Good For You. Stomach acid keeps you healthy in more ways than one, so your goal ought not to be struggling against it, as having too little stomach acid could be the cause of your digestive woes! You be surprised to know that your medication may be worsening your condition, some of them can really do a number on the stomach acid you actually need. Check out the reviews for this book and you'll see that it delivers results for people.


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