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A Miracle of Faith-Heavenly Healing

Updated on July 9, 2013
Light from Heaven
Light from Heaven

Miracle of faith

I love to hear of God's wonderful miracles. Some believe they only happened during biblical times but there are so many who have shared their experiences personally to friends and publicly in books, all exciting and definitely of God.

Gary and I have read several books that tell of plain ordinary people who had what is usually referred to as an out-of-body experience: 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper and Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent stand out in my mind as must reads for anyone who has ever doubted these happenings.

My sister was the first person I know personally who shared her story of when she was about ten years old and drowned, then after being revived recalled being above, looking down at her body. I would love to share her storyat another time. Today I am so excited about a story I just heard this morning and must write it down before I forget some of the details.

We recently met a couple who were visiting our area and as we sat talking about life in general and Godly happenings in particular, the man shared that he had been miraculously healed a couple of years ago. He is still amazed that he received such a gift and loves to share the story.

He was very ill. Experiencing chest pains and trouble breathing. He was taken to the hospital and the attendants proceeded to order the various test to discover his problem. ENLARGED HEART. It was so enlarged they had no hope of him recovering.

He lay in his hospital bed for several days, and then he experienced a bright light appearing before him, followed by a sense of extreme peace. He felt so good he thought, "I don't want to go back, I love this feeling". "Don't you have something you need to live for", a voice whispered to him. As he experienced the words he thought, "my wife, she needs me".

He immediately was back in his hospital room, and feeling totally healed. When the doctor returned to check on him, he was astounded. Our friend was totally healed, his heart returned to normal size and no pain anywhere in his body.

He praises God daily and lives to walk with Him each day.

When my husband asked if he actually heard God speaking to him, he said, "you don't talk up there, you just sense what is being shared with you".

If you are interested in this type adventure I highly suggest the two books I mentioned. They are truly amazing stories.


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