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Heavy Weight, Low Reps Workout For Fat Loss

Updated on March 28, 2012
Dumbbells | Source

Heavy Weights and Muscle Growth

Heavy weights are weights that you can only lift around 8 times or less before you need a rest. One of the main advantages of lifting heavy weights is that the workout routines can be short. You do not need to workout for a long time to get good results. People often use heavy weights when they want to increase their strength. Some do it for looks. It can make your muscles bigger. Building muscle is a good way to get rid of fat. The exercises burn calories and the increased muscle causes you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Keep in mind that a lot of weight lifters try to gain weight. It is a combination of diet and exercise that makes them bigger. The purpose of their diet can be to gain weight. Some of them even take supplements. Part of the reason their muscles look bigger is because of the fat over their muscles. You are not going to bulk up by accident. If you want to get rid of fat then you should maintain a healthy low calorie diet. Just make sure you are not going hungry.

If your body needs more food than you should eat more. I eat more when I am exercising a lot because my body needs more food. It does not cause me to gain fat as long as I do not overeat or eat a lot of junk food. I eat a lot of food for my size because I use up a lot of energy.

Recover Time And Pain

It is important to pay attention to your body. When you workout too much at once it can increase the amount of time it takes to recover. You should be able to perform better the next time you exercise or at least as well. If you can't then I recommend you take a day off or do exercises that involve different muscles. The amount of time you need to recover will change. So pay attention to how you feel and how well you perform.

Some minor pain is expected if you are pushing yourself and moving past your current limitations. You can avoid a lot of pain by giving your body some time to adapt. The pain is sometimes masked by endorphins that temporarily make you feel good and reduce pain. So instead of working out really hard I recommend you see how much you can workout without being really sore the next day. Then you can gradually do more as your muscles get stronger.


Since I was just using heavy weights it was a short routine with lots of breaks. I used 2 different dumbbells. The first was 30 pounds and the second was 20 pounds. The weight I used depended on the exercise I was doing and how much weight I could handle. I did sets of 5 to 8 repetitions and exercised one arm at a time.

The routine lasted 7 days. It consisted of curls, floor press and standing press. My main focus was on the dumbbell curls with 30 pounds of weight. I spent around half the time on the other two exercises. The routine lasted around 20 minutes. When I finished the workouts I would feel sore but I also felt a sense of accomplishment and I felt strong. A little soreness is expected when building muscle.


After working out 20 minutes a day for 7 days I measured the circumference of my stomach and weighed myself. As a result of the weightlifting I lost 3/4 of an inch of fat around my stomach area. My weight only changed slightly. I lost less than 1/2 a pound. That is why it is a good idea to do more than just weigh yourself. Lifting heavy weights can increase your muscle weight. So it is possible to become leaner without losing weight.

My arm strength increased and I felt stronger. The weights I was lifting did not feel quite as heavy as they did at the beginning of the week. I liked lifting heavy weights much better than lifting light ones because I could tell I was improving my body. The main thing I did not like about it was that I could not do it for very long and I had to take lots of breaks. When I was done I felt like I could still do something else. Since the routine is short and focuses on your arms you may want to include some cardio like running, biking, shadow boxing or jumping rope.

Lifting heavy weights can cause you to bulk up and experience weight gain or it can give you a lean muscular body. The results are influenced by the foods you eat. Since I did not change my diet I gained some muscle and reduced the amount of fat on my body. Lifting heavy weights is not fastest way to reduce fat but you can lose fat while building muscle.


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