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Help Me Sleep-More Famous Insomniacs

Updated on February 8, 2010

insulting end to insomnia

Sleep Easy

Insomnia can affect many people's lives and sleeping disorders can come and go at any time.Here is a list of more famous people whom have had their lives affected by lack of sleep. Read on to see how they dealt with sleeplessness and maybe even find a novel insomnia cure!

Famous Insomniacs and their insomnia cures

Groucho Marx,  actor

Marx first began to have insomnia when the Stock market crashed in 1929 and he lost $240,000.So when he couldn't sleep ,he would phone people up in the middle of the night and insult them!

Frank Kafka, author

The man was a miserable insomniac. he kept a diary of his suffering. One night he wrote, "the third sleepless night in a row,I fall asleep soundly ,but after an hour I wake up, as though I had laid my head in the wrong hole."

Marlene Dietrich, actress

 The famous actress proclaimed the only thing that lulled her to sleep was a sardine and onion sandwich on rye.

Dominik Diamondpresenter and writer

After years of sleepless nights , and relying on sleeping tablets. He eventually found a cure after the BBC approached him to test Professor Colin Espie’s Sleep Restriction Therapy at the University of Glasgow Sleep Centre as part of a TV series.

W C Fields,  actor

Unusual methods he used was to stretch out on a barber's chair with towels wrapped round him,until he felt drowsy or stretch out on a pool table.

On his worst night's he could only fall asleep under a beach umbrella, being sprinkled by a garden hose. He told a friend"somehow a moratorium is declared on all my troubles when it is raining."


Well does anybody else have any unusual sleep remedies or insomnia cures?


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