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Help Stop Kony 2012

Updated on March 9, 2012

Kony 2012 is a very horrible thing that is going on, and America is taking a stand and trying to help it to stop. Joseph Kony is a man who is wanting to kidnap children, using them to kill their own parent. Turning the young boys into soilders and girls into sex slaves. America is trying hard to do what they can to make it stop and I want all of you to help to! The video about Kony really touched me, and I knew that if we were in danger like that I would hope we would get help too. So this is why I hope all of you will help and make sure we take a stand against him. If you have a facebook account you would know that there are groups and things were people get together. Well Kony has one too and it's on 4/20 and there will be several locations around the country so we can get together and stop him. You will learn things about him and how you can make a difference in the world. After watching the video I know all of you will want to help too. I hope you decide to take part in America's decision to help stop Kony, he needs to be stopped and will be stopped one day. We need your help so please try and spread the word! :)

How you can help:

First go watch the video below and share it to your facebook, twitter, pinterest, or wherever just so people can see it and understand whats going on. Then sign a pledge to let America and Kony know that you care, the link will be below.After you sign the pledge go and look at how you can give. They have products to help show your support against Kony and the other people involved, every little bit helps. If you would like to just donate money they also have that available. What I really would like for you to do is just take 30 minutes of your time and watch the video so you know what is happening it will change the way you see things.


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