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Helpful Tips on How to Fall Asleep Fast

Updated on October 24, 2012

Most people experience periods of life with sleep problems.

Simple everyday problems and other stresses can cause sleep problems. Sleep routines or sleep hygiene are things that you can do before you get into bed and how it ideally should be in the place you sleep.

Remember that you spend a third of your life in bed

It is important to relax before bed and calm down with a little evening ritual that tells the body that it will soon be sleeping.

A little evening walk, a hot bath and soft music are nice. You should not be either over-fed or hungry when you sleep. A small evening meal one to three hours before bedtime is fine. Herbal teas such as chamomile and valerian, and warm milk may seem soothing.

The bedroom should be airy, and the temperature should be between 14 and 18 degrees (Celsius).

Remember that you spend a third of your life in bed, so make sure you have a comfortable bed with nice soft bedding. and if there is night noise where you sleep, use the cotton-balls in the ears, or if it's too bright, it's fine with a sleep mask over his eyes. Low and soft music or nature sounds from ocean swell or rain is soothing and can help you fall asleep and you can get these sounds on a cd or even a sound-machine which repeats such sound-effects all night long to mask-out bothersome noises.

Sleep Well--15 Quick tips

Even today, many recommend to play sports to get tired and sleep better. This is true up to a point: do some 'motion helps in many ways, but I challenge you to be able to fall asleep after 10 km of racing!

During the 3 hours of sleep, you should try to relax and still avoid physical exertion too intense.

2 - Avoid stress

Yeah, a word! You have a million things to think about and you just can not relax, thus avoiding stress is a board a bit 'useless. Wrong! If you learn some techniques to keep at bay the worries, no problems in this regard. Want to know some of these techniques? Said and done:

How to change your limiting beliefs choosing new empowering beliefs

Mental maps and time management to release stress

How to optimize the time thanks to the Pareto principle

3 - Do something boring

If you are engaged in something that you like or that you find funny, hardly be in the wrong state to fall asleep within minutes. If you do repetitive tasks, boredom will sporaggiungere sleep.

Okay, maybe boring is not the right word. We say that should not be too challenging for the brain. What does this mean? mean that you must sleep, do not move it. For example, read a good book before going to sleep.

4 - Take a hot bath

Taking a bath is ideal, you can take a moment to break from the hectic day and relax for sleep. This is due to the fact that during bathing the body temperature rises, and the subsequent lowering due sleep.

Avoid the shower instead, which has the opposite effect.

5 - No coffee

For at least three hours before bed, say. You say you are immune to its effects? Good for you: do not do it the same!

Among other things, the body takes little to develop tolerance to caffeine. It means that after a while 'will not help you more to fight fatigue, but the bad will. If you like to drink it for the taste fine, but do not rely on coffee as an aid to concentration!

6 - Use the bedroom only for sleep

Move any other activities outside the four walls of the room: in this way, the brain will put us long to realize that when you enter, you do it for sleep.

If for any reason you're unable to do so, for example if you are a student out of the office that has only one room (we've all been there), at least try not to use the bed for other activities (omitting easy jokes about using an alternative bed).

7 - Quiet, please!

A room completely silenzionsa is the key to good sleep. Even if you're used to a certain type of noise, it is better to delete it. If you really suffer from severe insomnia you should seriously think about soundproofing the room from external sound sources with the acoustic panels, even if a solution is quite expensive and impractical. Much faster and easier it is to buy an emitter of sound waves white: it is a simple tool that emits sounds that distract the conscious mind from other sound sources, helping you to sleep. In Italy are not very common, but abroad are from 60 € approx.

However, if there is a sound that is assoultamente needed to sleep, then for your well-being is the case you delete it. And then think about it: if you have to sleep in a hotel or somewhere else, how do? You carry a record of computer fans that leave on all night?

8 - Be the Lord of Darkness

The light stimulates the optic nerve, optic nerve sends impulses to the brain, the brain processes the pulses. These are all activities that are not good for relaxation, so the total darkness should be your goal. In particular, avoid the blue lights (the worst if you want to sleep, as they are high frequency).

And I speak not only of the reflectors that light per day. Just a small LED light on the TV to break the darkness. These lights seem harmless, but they are not at all. Rather, it is almost better than the light of the moon, so to speak.

9 - A good mattress makes all the difference

It 's normal not being able to sleep well if the mattress is comfortable as a stone. If it is too old or run down change it, or (of course) if you feel uncomfortable or have back pain the next morning, the same thing goes for the pillow should not be too high nor too low, and preferably hard enough (so as the mattress - certainly not so hard as to be uncomfortable). I changed just a pillow that was destroyed, and I assure you that the difference is remarkable!

Not serve the much-publicized "steam bent wood slats", but a weighted purchase will definitely be a very worthwhile investment. Tip: if you have back problems, it is best to take a pillow and thin hard enough.

10 - It relaxes the jaw

And no, I was wrong to write. This is a nice trick that unfortunately only a few know, even if it is really effective. If you think about it, the muscle of the jaw is always live to fight gravity and keep your mouth shut. Rilassala slightly opening the mouth, be able to relax your entire body faster with this little secret.

11 - Do not count sheep

And this time I'm not using a metaphor.Your granny may have told you to do this, but it is counterproductive makes time pass more quickly and therefore it may seem to fall asleep before, but count it a lot harder for the brain activity that certainly will not help him in the task.

The human brain has not evolved to think in an arithmetic, pace of my math teacher. Also count, an activity that everyone can do, requires a lot of resources of the brain.

12 - Get up at the same time

Even during the holidays or at weekends, if you have problems with the sleep the temptation to sleep longer just because you can. Your biological clock is clearly in need of stability, and wake up at the same time will allow you to buy a regular in no time. I also advise you to be a bit 'in the sun as soon as you get up, even just a few minutes will be enough to understand that the brain is no longer night.

I always wake up at 7 in the morning now for a lot of months, and I feel good and fit. And when I do, even on a Sunday, I discovered that sleep is really a big waste of time! Instead of lounging in bed I prefer to write a new article on Mindcheats to say.

13 - Go to sleep when you're tired

This must be applied together with the point 12, and you'll soon find your own rhythm and you will also discover how many hours your body needs sleep, so you can not waste a single minute of your precious time. To find out when you're tired enough, you can use the practice scale for Sleep Stanford University.

Throw the clock out the window, you do not need to know when to disconnect and go to sleep. Do different activities every day, maybe one day you get tired more and others less so. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who do not need more than 6 hours sleep, and then passarne 8 beds would be a great waste of time.

14 - If you just can not do it, it is useless to try

If you are in bed for half an hour and still no sleep occurs, it is useless groped again. Get up and do something else: Read a book or magazine, watching TV, dedicated to your favorite hobby, and after a while 'time back to bed. As mentioned earlier, avoid any physical activity. It also prevents the computer to sleep, it hurts a lot . But if you really want to check e-mail, you should read this article .

15 - A lot of other things

Ok, that advice is this? The tricks to fall asleep quickly and sleep well are really too many to be collected in this article. Yeah so I wrote a lot, and I'm not even halfway through.

Don't worry if you Don't Sleep a Night or Even Two...

Experience shows that for those who have sleep problems, it is best to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends.

Steer clear of the afternoon nap. Most people find it more difficult to fall asleep at night if you sleep more than 15 minutes a day. Also, avoid vigorous physical activity during the three hours before sleeping. Alcohol, coffee, tea and drinks with lots of sugar interferes with sleep. Don't expect to sleep well if you are stressed, quarrel with your spouse, or watch a horror movie just before going to bed. Avoid these things if you wsh to visit Dreamland anytime soon.

You should not have too strong a nightlight, or even light from your window if it is a bright full moon, and avoid putting the alarm clock so you can see what time it is during the night, it will only stress you. Also avoid bright light if you have to get up at night--put on some sunglasses if you get up to go to the bathroom for example and you eyes will remain relaxed as they were when you were asleep.

Do not think about the consequences of not getting sleep. The worst thing you can do is focus on the next day will be ruined if you do not sleep - or think about how few hours are left before you must get up. Be indifferent to this. Tell yourself that if you sleep poorly at night, you are in the least tired tomorrow night and sleep well then. There is no crisis if you do not sleep a night or two.

To establish a good sleep hygiene, it makes sense that you are not left too long awake in bed. Once everything is tested, you should get out of bed and do something that gives you a constructive diversion from being present and striving to sleep. Tenn only a dim light. sit in a comfortable chair, read a passage in a book you know and like. Or do anything else that might seem reassuring you. Drink some warm milk. And creeping into bed again. "

Simple relaxation techniques can be helpful. Here is an example:

1. Sit or lie quietly in a comfortable position (no crossed arms or legs).

2. Close your eyes and feast your eyes on a point in front or above you.

3. Inhale deeply through your nose. Count to 7-8 in a slow pace and quiet breathing out through the mouth. At the same time you say "calm" to yourself or any other word you choose. Repeat 4 -5 times, breathing as usual - and notice how good it is to relax in this way.

4. To increase the relaxation see in your mind's eye that you're walking down a staircase of twenty steps to a lovely sandy beach. Think about what you see and experience for every step you go down, the beautiful sight, the wind, the sunshine, the smells, the sounds ... Repeat the words "calm and relaxed" for each step. When you come down, you can proceed to a place you feel comfortable to be, go down to the sea, to a mountain lake, a forest, or your childhood favorite place. Be there for a little while - and walk the stairs up again gradually.

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    • Buzzbee profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Peach: o yea! Those Koreans are tops! Very lovely people.

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I think Quiet please and good mattress will help me out . I love to watch koreans dramas with idols such as 2 King hearts and To the beautiful you. really crazy with these koreans!!!!

    • Buzzbee profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      Peach: Yes those Korean dramas can be addicting! I actually don't know the exact shows you watch, but I love Asian people and their arts and entertainment so I see where you are coming from. Maybe you will find one or two of the tips works for you! :)

    • peachpurple profile image


      5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Very good tips for night owls hubbers. I am one of them! i CAN'T SLEEP UNTIL 2AM IN THE MORNING. Having this bad habit every since I started to watch Korean dramas online. I will try your useful tips. Thanks again. Voted up and useful


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