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Helping Inflammation and Pain Using Thyme

Updated on August 8, 2012

In a generation that is seems to be focused on "sick care" rather than health care, many people are looking for safe, alternative ways to easy discomfort and pain without some of the debilitating side effects of prescription medications.

When it comes to inflammation and pain, the herb Thyme contains COX-2 inhibitors. What the COX-2 enzyme does is act as a non-steroidal anti inflammatory in the body. In a recent study, Thyme oil was shown to reduce COX-2 levels by close to 75%. Thyme was also considered to be an analgesic, in days past.

Below are several ways to use Thyme in various ways to aid in many different ailments.

Sore Throat...

Mix thyme with honey and sage, take a teaspoon as needed.

Sore Muscles...

Make a soak of thyme and warm water.

Cuts and Scrapes...

Mix 4 tbs. rubbing alcohol with 2 tbs. of dried thyme. The thyme will give the added benefit of the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Gum Inflammation...

After you finish brushing your teeth, combine a drop of thyme essential oil into a 1/4 cup of water. Swish it around in your mouth several times, and spit it out. Do this every time you brush your teeth. (FYI, the mouthwash Listerine has what's called thymol, this is the most active constituents that is in thyme.)


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    • Pauline Davenport profile image

      Pauline Davenport 

      6 years ago from Isle of Man

      I did have a big herb garden years ago with everything in it I could get my hands on on - purple sage next to the golden Marjoram, lovage and borage, angelica, comfrey, seven different kind of mint - oh all sorts. These days I have my lovely house near the sea, but sadly no garden, so I grow mint, parsley sage rosemary ant thyme (cue for a tune there?) with a big lovage that comes and goes, in pots outside. Oh, and a bay tree too that I've had since it was a baby.

    • DeborahFantasia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Italy

      Yes I do have a pretty extensive herb garden, what about you ?

    • Pauline Davenport profile image

      Pauline Davenport 

      6 years ago from Isle of Man

      I love herbs and the air of 'old fashioned-ness' that surrounds their growing and their uses. I knew about the antiseptic qualities of thyme, but not the anaelgesic properties. I've used feverfew and comfrey, but not thyme. Thanks for this insight DeborahFantasia - I wonder have you got your own herb garden?


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