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Helping Others Achieve Their Goals

Updated on December 7, 2017
Rising of the sun can be like the introduction of a new day of life for another person. Inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be.
Rising of the sun can be like the introduction of a new day of life for another person. Inspire and encourage others to be the best they can be.
Inspire others to strive toward the true source of light in their lives which is a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father Jehovah God.
Inspire others to strive toward the true source of light in their lives which is a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father Jehovah God.

Understanding Regis' Last Television Show

Years ago, I truly enjoyed the television show, #Live With Regis and Kelly. The departure was of Regis, upon his retirement was realistic and disappointing. During the television show for his retirement, I watched Regis, as he had people sing and give him praise for his years of hard work. I even saw the interview where Katie, made a bet that he would cry during this last show. I was not surprised that we did not see tears during the taping because there was something people did not fully understand about Regis. He was used as a tool to help others accomplish their goals and it was just time for him to move on.

Another major television personality was #Oprah, who got to the same point where after twenty five years, she moved on to her next goal. I fully understood both of their decisions because I have been there and still remain in that predicament. I had a cable television program in the seventies where I always promoted the dreams of others. I can recall many days during the televising of my program, where my guests would come out petrified and I would have to take their hands and explain, how the audience would love them so they should just do what they are good at and move on. I truly enjoyed being the promoter of others as they performed their immense talent.

During my television program, I recalled a very talented young woman who had the voice of a #Jennifer Hudson. She could sing anything and make it sound good. Behind the scenes before she came out to perform, there was an immense source of terror in her eyes. I grabbed her hands, looked directly into her eyes and said, "You can do this. I have never seen anyone more talented than you. Look into the cameras and just sing." Later, she belted out a performance that caused my viewers to write the station about how talented she was. Eventually this young woman went on to record numerous songs and performed in major venues. Her performance not only increased my ratings but also enhanced her career.

I also remember a Disc Jockey who was very popular on our local radio station called, WDAS FM. His voice was smooth and powerful. In the seventies, very few blacks had access to television until the development of cable. I was fortunate to have created my own award winning cable program where I could exhibit major sources of talent. I was amazed when this extreme source of talent came on my television show. Beyond this beautiful voice on the radio, was a seemingly shy and timid person before the cameras. He sat beside me still and confused, so during the first break I turned to him and said, "You got the voice and looks just speak to the audience as though you were speaking to them on the radio." By the time we returned from our break, the Dis Jockey emerged to his greatest potential. He was an awesome co-host from that point. This young man went on and continues to be a great Disc Jockey as well as a great host of his own television program. It was like handing the baton to another person of tremendous talent. He always had it in him to be able to do radio and television, he just needed the opportunity and encouragement.

Today, I heard how Regis handed that same baton to numerous other individuals. It was inspirational and refreshing to hear, #Kelly Ripa, his co-host explained how her first day on the show brought on extreme nervousness. Regis took Kelly by the hand, led her out as the audience applauded, he turned to her and said, "they are here for you." Kelly explained that she knew that wasn't true but those words inspired her to go on. Numerous other interviews with young artists expressed the same point that of how Regis made them feel more comfortable than any show they had ever been on. This comfort zone inspired them to go on.

Recently, Kelly Ripa, celebrated 15 years as co-host. The show was previously called Live With Kelly and Michael with co-host #Michael Strahan. At the present time, Michael Strahan, is no longer a part of the show. Now it is once again #Live With Kelly. She continues to be a major force in the entertainment industry. Kelly, inspires others to do their best in the fields they are in. Congratulations, Kelly Ripa, for the numerous years of service in the entertainment industry.

Beating the drums for the announcement of others is gratifying. I am no longer on television but I try to inspire people through my writings and spiritual interest. Encouraging people to maintain their faith to a higher authority and maintain good morals, is my interest now. I beat the drum and introduce them by saying, "you can be good God fearing people. There is no need to hurt or persecute your brother. Demonstrate love and fear the true God Jehovah." You can march freely to the beat of your own drum but sometimes, we all need a little encouragement to do the marching. Regis, did that for the past twenty some years. Now he has moved on. We can all learn from his example. Inspiration and encouragement to help us do something that we know we are capable of, is a beautiful thing. Go out and inspire. The world is in desperate need of people who can beat the drum to introduce others to the world. Be that source of inspiration for the good. If we teach that to others, one day we may have to move on as well. When we do, there will be a source of fulfillment that is rewarding and refreshing.


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    • Angelladywriter profile image

      Claudette Coleman Carter 5 years ago from Media, Pennsylvania

      Hi Dalsue,

      Thank you so much for your comment with such encouraging words.

    • Dalsue214 profile image

      Dalsue214 6 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Fantastic piece of writing!