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Hemorrhoids Cream: Most Common Treatment For Piles

Updated on February 16, 2015

Hemorrhoids is a common medical condition that affects millions of people of all age groups every year, across the globe. The treatment for the painful condition comes in different forms such as medications, home remedies and surgeries among others. Ointments or creams are among the most widely prescribed treatments. Hemorrhoids creams can be bought over the counter. They get absorbed well into the body and offer relief from the itching, swelling, irritation, bleeding, burning, and also helps lessen the pain associated with the condition.

Difference between creams and ointments

There are several creams are available in the market to treat hemorrhoids, including herbal potions, and it can often be very difficult to pick the right one. Many people also get confused between ointments and creams. Keep in mind creams are water based while ointments are oil based. This means that when the cream is applied on the affected parts, the water evaporates and leaves a film of active ingredients behind, and there is no greasy feeling. Ointments for hemorrhoids, on the other hand, are greasy.

How to Choose a Cream

While buying a cream, opt for one that does not have a very strong composition. Apply it on the affected part as per directions, for three days and if the condition does not show much improvement, move to a stronger formula. It is best to work your way up to a stronger cream instead of applying it straightway. This way you avoid risking damage to the sensitive area around the anus, which can get very affected if you use a strong cream at the very outset.

Some people are allergic to drugs having analgesic and astringent properties. If you are one of those people, using a cream can actually worsen the condition. Proceed with caution till you are sure that you are not allergic to the cream you have picked.

How to Apply the Cream

Before using the cream, wash your hands and the anal region thoroughly. With clean fingers, gently apply the cream on the affected parts and slightly inside the anus too without injuring yourself. For internal hemorrhoids, use the applicator that comes with the cream. Lubricate it before you insert it into the anus. Wash the applicator after every use.

Read the instructions carefully before you use any cream. Most instructions will ask you to use the cream three times a day and also after every Sitz bath and bowel movement. So, do follow these instructions. Take a small amount of the cream and spread it over the anus take precautions not to over use the cream.

Also be careful while choosing a hemorrhoid cream. Consult your doctor to know if it would conflict with any other medication you may be using. And, if your condition does not improve even after regular usage of the cream, you may want to opt for other methods to treat the condition.

The options available to you include ayurvedic and allopathic prescription medicine in the form of capsules and tablets, banding, stapler, cryo cautery treatments and open surgery etc. However, all these do not cure the problem, they just treat the symptom. But, there is a new revolutionary treatment called Holmium YAG laser treatment that is a permanent cure to hemorrhoids.


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