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Herbal natural Skincare-Tamanu Oil

Updated on December 15, 2012

Natural Skincare Remedy-Tamanu Oil

Herbal natural cures played a major role in helping humans fight diseases and remain healthy before the advent of modern medicine.Humans have been occupying our planet earth for a long long time and they have survived many diseases and ailments without the help of our so called advanced modern medicine which is of recent origin.They depended solely on herbal remedies for their good health.How could they cope with diseases without laboratory tests,scans x-rays,surgery etc? They could do it because they somehow had knowledge about curative properties of herbs.Probably they had inbuilt wisdom to know about the medicinal properties of herbs and herbal natural cures .

Our ecological system has survived millions of years, based on the unique principle of balance.If there are prey animals there are predators and some how the ratio of predator and prey had been kept steady all these millions of years to maintain the ecological balance.Probably even extinction of species is programmed to happen for the overall development of our planet earth. Our ecological system functions as if it has a brain of it’s own to ensure that no one species( except humans ) have an upper hand to destroy others.Same rule applies for bacteria,virus or any other ill health causing conditions that act as predators and our ecosystem swings into action to create natural herbs to counteract them so that the precious balance is maintained for the survival of our planet.For every new disease there is a herb or combination of herbs to cure it waiting to be discovered.

One of most talked about natural cures, tamanu oil is a herbal oil, considered to be a wholesome skincare tonic by the native people of southeast Asia. These people in their native wisdom, considered this herbal oil to be a gift from nature as a total skincare solution.

Though tamanu oil is not FDA approved, it has been in use for centuries in southeast Asia which in itself is a proof to the efficacy of this herbal oil. There are no known side effects of this herbal oil except those who are allergic to nuts and products derived from nuts.

This wonder herbal oil is derived from tamanu tree nuts. Tamanu oil benefits are many as it is found to be useful against many skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, wounds, stretch marks, ringworm, skin eruptions, cuts, bruises and others. This herbal oil has medicinal qualities which are anti bacterial, antimicrobial, anti fungal, anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

It is easily absorbed by the skin and it acts against rheumatism, sciatica and a host of other skin issues. This natural oil promotes fast skin healing and growth of new skin tissue. Tamanu oil benefits are many but the most notable among them is tamanu oil acne usage. Tamanu oil is used in many skincare formulations either singly or in combination with other herbal oils to promote skin health.


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