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Herbs Against Cancer

Updated on June 14, 2010


During creation, God placed on earth all foods which are essential in maintaining healthy body. He gave us the vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, plant extracts and

other nutrients the body needs in order to prevent illness and maintain healthy condition. There are herbs which have been truly a great blessing to mankind because of their versatility in providing medical benefits. Among these are garlic, milk thistle and curcumin.


Garlic has cholesterol and triglyceride-lowering, anti-clotting, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor effects. Its main component sulfur containing phytochemicals is helpful in combating free-radicals.

Garlic contains "organosulfur compounds." Research studies revealed that occurrence of cancer is lowest where the consumption of organosulfur-rich foods is greatest. It is furtherly revealed in the studies that organosulfur compounds hinders the growth of human breast cancer cells. Organosulfur compounds also protect the body against liver cancer caused by aflatoxin. Garlic's potentiality in being an anti-cancer agent is mainly due to the ability of the organosulfur compounds to increase antioxidant activity and to directly hinder the growth of tumor.

A study conducted by Dr. T. Abdullah of the Akbar Clinic and Research Institute in Panama, Florida demonstrated how garlic boosts anticancer immune function. This study revealed that the subjects who ate raw garlic possess natural killer cells that destroyed 140 to 160 percent more cancer cells than those did not eat garlic.

In six of ten studies, garlic extracts rich in allicin lowered total blood cholesterol by an average of 24.8 milligram per deciliter, LDL by an average of 15.3 mg/ dL and triglycerides 38 mg/dL - all significant enough to have an effect on heart disease risk.

The antidiabetes effect of garlic was proven in a research study done by the US Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Center in Beltsville, Maryland. This research demonstrated decreases in blood sugar and enhancements in insulin activity with the use of garlic.


Milk Thistle are flowering plants of the daisy family which are native to Mediterranean regions of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and has scientific name silybum marianum. Traditional uses for milk thistle included treatment of varicose veins, menstrual problems, depression and low breastmilk production. Sofar, its most significant use is as a liver supporter.

Liver detoxification makes a great number of free radicals. This is the reason why the liver contains a high concentration of natural antioxidants specifically glutathione. Milk thistle has been used to treat liver disorders, including cirrhosis and hepatitis since the times of the Romans. Modern research reveals that its active component , the flavanoid "silymarin" has remarkable antioxidant power that centers in the tissues of the liver.

Milk thistle is the antidote to death cap mushroom poisoning. Taking large doses of milk thistle can be lifesaving if you have swallowed the wrong kind of mushroom. Milk thistle protects the liver against man-made poisons which includes carbon tetrachloride, thioacetamide( a man-made chemical that causes cirrhosis) and heavy metals.

Milk thistle neutralizes free radicals in the liver, partially by raising levels of glutathione,

peroxidase and suproxide dismutase (another antioxidant enzyme) in liver cells. Milk thistle also hinders the production of biochemicals that accelerate excessive inflammation of the liver. Milk thistle also stimulates ha growth of new liver cells. It literally regenerates liver tissues. Studies claim that phytochemicals from milk thistle protect liver cells against DNA damage, and stabilize immune cells that drive the inflammatory process.

Milk thistle may also be beneficial therapy for diabetes. In a study made by Chinese researchers, which involved fourteen patients with type 2 diabetes. These patients took milkthistle for four weeks and it was observed that their red blood cell sorbital levels(a measurement of high blood sugar) dropped 50 percent. Psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition has also been controlled with milk thistle supplementation.

Some research claims hat flavanoids from milk thistle help the kidneys to perform their detoxifying activities effectively. Milk thistle has also shown the ability to slow down the growth of human breast, prostrate and cervical cancer cells in testtube studies.


Curcumin or turmeric is a bright yellow orange spice that belongs to the ginger family. It has been used as a culinary spice and medical herb for thousands of years. A massive body of research reveals that "curcumin" may well be our most powerful natural helper in our fight against cancer.

In one test-tube study, the growth of human breast cancer cells enhanced by 17-beta estradiol- the strongest natural estrogen- was blocked 98 prcent, the growth of cancer cells to which the xenobiotic DDT was added slowed down by 75 percent when curcumin was also added; and the effect of combination of toxic chemicals chlordane and endosulfane, which is known to have induced breast cancer growth was inhibited 90 percent with the addition of curcumin.

Curcumin also blocks other non-estrogenic chemicals that cause cancer including diethylnitrosamine and dioxine. Curcumin blocks the activity of cancer growth factors such as NF-kappa B, certain cytokines, protein kinase C and interleukin-8. Curcumin

Is a natural inhibitor of the inflammation-causing COX enzymes.

In a test-tube study, curcumin prevented all DNA damage in bacteria that were exposed to lethal doses of radiation, Curcumin interrupts the cycle of cancer cells in a particular stage of growth. Meat cooked over an open flame forms carcinogenic chemicals. A meat marinade made with curcumin was shown to reduce the formation of carcinogenic chemicals. Curcumin has also proven benefits of immunity, wound healing and heart health by reducing blood lipids and preventing LDL oxidation.






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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nanotechnology Research and Therapy Centre in Romania (CCNT) is a nongovernmental, nonprofit, specialized in the fight to prevent and combat cancer. Here is a brief excerpt from Article 96 of volume two of our unpublished book entitled

      "How can we overcome the dreaded disease threatening man

      Vol 2

      Health smart weapons "

      "The use of alkaline substances as active material 96 D2 Art

      With a smart material that selectively recognize and act only in malignant cells can be used destructive potential of many types of active materials. The active materials can be packed tightly in nanoparticles of smart materials that have preferential access only cancer cells. We have designed projects that use several types of active materials that can neutralize or cancer cells calcify. Variables that can destroy chemical or thermo-chemical cell can kill the cancer or various other malignant cells. Now you have the opportunity to see and what to use for this purpose an alkaline active material.

      If you think about it we can find a lot of active materials approved or unapproved chemicals or natural that can be used in an ingenious way to experimental tests in laboratories biobaze or therapeutic solutions to improve antimaligne. Cancer cells, malignant cells have a primary cycle complex chained and their appearance and development of several elements that compete and biological factors. Chain of this cycle can be interrupted easily diabolical early stages and if we know when we can intervene in time to break this chain precursor tumor. And we presented in detail in the work methods of prevention and development of malignancy. But once he managed to develop an outbreak tumor in the body, it is difficult to selectively destroy our usual treatments. Malignant focus is practically a new organ in the body that has integrated other laws by which he works. Malignant tumor has other functional interests against the general interests of organisinmului. And it can not be destroyed selectively without some secret and some well known weaknesses or special behavior of malignant cells. For example the internal organs of the body have a varied degree of resistance to the action of toxic substances. Now drugs are toxic if used in excess affects the digestive system first, liver, kidneys or other organs. Hand muscles is also an organ. But it is impossible to find a drug that selectively destroy only maim without affecting muscle and other organs of the first body. Same thing happens with a focus it becomes a malignant integrated functional organ in the body and do not know how and what to selectively neutralize it without affect other normal tissues in the body. You must first find some specific traits of malignant cells that can guide us to isolate and directed to target something appropriate for their neutralization. In other words we must find a way to attack malignant cells selectively oriented to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the behavior of these malignant cells. Or to find a solution selectively attack malignant cells oriented to speculate just the performance side of their behavior that gives it uncontrollable aggression and their invincible. All the solutions proposed by me in these books have taken account of these issues and struggling selective orientation. But let's take a version of the fight and see how they will act if we use that malignant cells actively alkali material sent in these cells on natural ways to change the pH of the enzyme at a dangerous rate. What reaction will be positive or negative behavior of malignant cells when we use against them, some more moderate alkali or alkaline strongest asset, protected and guided to the target material or a material smart authentic surrogate's improvised. What side effects are higher or lower in the body after the attack is directed naturally in malignant focus and how to diminish these effects. What we choose compromise solution in this limit only to destroy the malignant foci in the body without causing other side effects. Whatever we say no and laboratory experiments in biobaze can not improve these solutions. It is known that malignant cells have as their strategic weapon fighting, some highly acidic enzymes which break down or break through all that comes into their range. Unlike normal cells, malignant cells are more dependent on nutrients and a rich and abundant nutrition. Reptoducere momentum and needs major functional malignant cells makes these cells to be more dependent on nutrients from normal cells. Malignant cell was continuously adapted and improved interception mechanisms of particle capture and processing nutrients. These malignant cells improvising in all forms and methods of feeding them extreme, not to take into account the laws and the general interests of the body. With such extreme methods malignant cells looking at any price to satisfy their nutritional needs increasing. Find malignant cells in all nutrients enter their range without regard to function and functional role of these components in the body. The first reaction of malignant cells to other parts of the body of their neighborhood is to attack and get some food from them, break them and use them in their desperate nutrition. And soon malignant cells adapt and improve their mechanisms and their weapons to make it as easy these destructive operations in the body. Affliction is that malignant cells in their dorarea biochemical mechanisms and strong and very improved weapons with destructive acts for this purpose. These weapons help malignant cells in the conversion of their destructive action of biological elements in the body. Against malignant cells, normal cells and those of the defense system are better equipped and much lower defense to isolate or to cope with and counter the destructive actions of malignant cells. But how can we intervene to break the relation of forces damaging to the body? How and what it can we disarm these malignant cells of one of their most dangerous weapons? Or at least how to neutralize the destructive effect of these weapons provide them? It would be good and if we find a way to equip additional forces to the body to cope with these malignant aggression. If we work hard on this issue certainly sooner or later we will find effective solutions in this respect. Especially if we let our egos oparte fear and unproductive. But back to topic: In other words malignant cells carried a large hunting reserves covering all nutrients in the body that can be used for this purpose their own selfish. And for this action nothing gets in their way. The first victims of these attacks are normal cells and malignant tissues in the vicinity of the outbreak. Malignant cells are so aggressive that in times of crisis they spend their nutritional even some of its cellular organelles in their cellular structure. Consuming components of their logistics supply network. Moreover malignant cells use to anchor the network and their location or tissue matrix in which are fixed and in which they grow. And the consequence is serious as some malignant cells mature, with some good sized capillary transit, become mobile. And their aggressive action can be extended to new settlers malignant secondary to other organs in the body. Destroy malignant cells but does not stop there. She continues in neighboring areas or moving traseiele that these malignant cells that become free, mobile and rootless by these destructive actions of them. But their mobility is now more dangerous and more destructive to the body so affected. These malignant cells phones reached such a degree of development and their aggressiveness, can migrate throughout the body lymphatic or blood on the natural channels of the body. Such migratory cancer cells colonize the body with new secondary foci developed them. They are installed in certain areas and develop in a process known as metastasis.

      Is an active material for alkaline alkaline nature directed to target malignant cells that would neutralize their destructive weapon acid? That some of these alkali used should be able to drop so severe acidity of these enzymes in cancer cells that make them har

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      A new project for the effective treatment of cancer (Article 2)

      The Nanotechnology Research Centre and therapies of Romania (Centrul de Cercetare Nanotehnologii si Terapii ) (CCNT) is an association nongouvernamentale, specialising in the fight to prevent and combat cancer. Currently, cancer is an extremely serious condition if it is detected late stages and in these medical efforts are very high to reduce the effects and complications of the disease. The weight of treatment of this disease is that cancer cells have functional performance much more advanced than normal cells, cancer cells grow quickly, have a strong adaptability and mobility as well as in the complicated steps they can migrate in various places, using circuits body, set and evolve independent long distances through the entire human body. In a cubic millimeter of cancerous tissue, there can be hundreds of thousands of cancer cells and their migration is difficult to monitor and assess to be eradicated or totally destroyed by surgical methods, by irradiation, and so on. the existing pericle recidivism and the degradation of human body. Cancer is well integrated in the body which sets the cancer cells in common use all fuel and function of body and any destructive conventional treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) used against him, destroyed the same extent as other functional tissues and organs of the body. To avoid this disadvantage it is necessary to modify the strategy and methods to destroy cancer cells through the design of a new generation of drugs that have the ability to find cancer cells in the whole body anywhere they are hiding . These drugs complex identify the cancer cell, recognize and trigger destructive effect only there, not in normal cells. A design of these materials we are working intensively and we appreciate that we have specific knowledge on technology to achieve in practice of these materials, which can be used in future efforts to treat diseases of cancer. Until the future of medicine will be able to enter circulation in the possession of these products and taking into account that procedures for approval of each such products are drues and lasts for a long time, we must not ignore the seriousness of this disease and it is necessary to give full attention to implement all methods of medicine and therapies to prevent and present that to detect cancer in early stages to be processed efficiently but also to reduce the effects of complications caused by cancer . It should be taken into account alternatives which results in this direction. Each report, delayed or not timely will increase the efforts of medicine and doctors to obtain favorable results in treating diseases of cancer. We will return with new ones.

      Many of information to that effect will be published in our next articles.

      Cancer can be treated effectively using smart materials (Article 14)

      The Nanotechnology Research Centre and therapies of Romania (Centrul de Cercetare Nanotehnologii si Terapii ) (CCNT) is an association nongovernmental, non-profit, specializing in the fight to prevent and combat cancer.

      We chose to present you with some information concerning the possibility of enhancing intelligent materials specializing in treatment of cancer. With the help of these materials may be carrying out complex products that may contain in their internal toxic materials capable of destroying each cell. These complex products can be achieved by various methods and technologies in the form of a fine powder which granulation (basic unit) has appointed nanoscale dimensions intelligent particles. These particles contain smart in them a special selected toxic materials, strong enough to destroy a cell. The toxic material is packaged in a specific fashion with the help of a smart material. These particles have some clever special qualities, have small dimensions and they can circulate in the whole body through all natural circuits. These particles are intelligent sterile, neutral with all the components that are found in the bloodstream any time there is standing or flowing. These particles are intelligent sterile, neutral with all components of the defence system and lymphatic fluid, intelligent particle remains intact, not altered at all these components.

      The particles cannot be intelligent assaulted and remain sterile and neutral from other cells in the liver, kidney or any type of body cell.

      Therefore, in particular mode intelligence with the toxin inside cannot be removed by either a normal cell because it lacks the strength and the allocation of doing this. The cancer cells any type have an endowment that allows them to capture and dismantling of these particles intelligent.

      The process of dismantling the particle intelligent and the release of the toxin in its interior is a fatal act for that cell and this operation can be carried out fatal only in cancer cells any type, they have the adequate means doing this.

      It means that the particle is clever bait, bait material, which transmit a body, can be attacked only cancer cells.

      The projects of each such product are in our attention and we will try to develop a maxim its area of use in treating cancer.

      We have made public some information from our activity to stimulate the intellectual and creative force people to unify efforts and to eliminate this danger that threatens us, but also to attract the necessary funds to develop our projects in this field Because CCNT resources as a funding only the funds received by sponsorships and donations of parte commercial companies and individuals.

      CCNT has thanked all those who wish to contribute through sponsorships to develop our business and adhere to our efforts to develop and implement these projects. In this sense, Centrul de Cercetare Nanotehnologii si Terapii, CUI 23618850 opened accounts a CEC BANK ROMANIA Pitesti, in Eur RO98CECEAG01C1EURO714476; Dollars RO39CECEAG01B8USD0724201; SWIFT: CECEROBUXXX.

      We return with new ones.

      Centrul de Cercetare Nanotehnologii si Terapii

      Centrul de Cercetare Nanotehnologii si Terapii

    • cristina327 profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 

      6 years ago from Manila

      Hi inaniLoquence thank you for gracing and apreciating this hub. Your visit is much appreciated. Blesings to you and best regards.

    • inaniLoquence profile image


      6 years ago from Singapore

      Very informative. :) I totally love garlic. I use it to treat different kinds of ailments. It's the wonder spice!

    • cristina327 profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Cristina Aquino Santander 

      10 years ago from Manila

      Thanks Wehzo for appreciating it. Hope it will be helpful to you.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I am always interested in natural healthy foods, especially since I'm over f-f-y. I am putting together a journal of foods such as what you have here. Thank you for sharing this, as it adds to my journal.


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