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Herbs, Use and Precautions

Updated on May 4, 2013

Herbal Healing began with Medicine Men & Women

These early medical practitioners developed natural methods to treat men and women that promoted a sense of harmony with man and nature. When a man or woman sought out help from this “Medicine Man” or Medicine Woman” they needed to find a cure. Sometimes the patient sought to heal a physical disease, and sometimes it was for healing the spirit. The method of the healing was both spiritual and natural using herbs.

Medicine Men and Women learned about the land, the ground, and the plants. They study the stem, the roots and the flowers and experimented to see the value. It was mostly the women who were responsible to grow and harvest the herbs. The healers had the responsibility to make sure the remedies worked. By trial and error they gained knowledge and developed the power to heal so that the body would have the most efficient use of its many internal parts.

If harvested properly herbs can provide powerful supplements to the human body and also assist in the healing process when body is plagued with illness. When learning about herbal and natural supplements, one should take everything with a grain of salt. Sorting out claims can become a burden. Always use your doctor as a source of reference. The medical community today like in yester years, has begun to look at the soil, leaves, stems, flowers and roots of plants for alternative remedies to man’s ailments.

Watch the video for common herbs, use and precautions.


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    Alise- Evon 4 years ago

    I find it funny that herbs, what God put on this earth since the beginning, are the "alternative" medicine. I am studying to obtain a diploma in herbalism, after spending many years as an amateur- oh, what a difference a good education makes! You just can't approach herbal medicine like you do Western medicine. Done properly, herbs are very helpful.