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Herbs and Brisk Walking

Updated on February 9, 2011
He's Benjie, one of our "classmates" in our community brisk walking sessions early in the morning. I don't know if he's also an herb freak like my wife and I are.
He's Benjie, one of our "classmates" in our community brisk walking sessions early in the morning. I don't know if he's also an herb freak like my wife and I are.

Weight Loss Partners

If you're fond of eating herbs and doing brisk walks in the morning, chances are, you're going to lose weight. I and my wife like eating supper with herbs so that early in the morning, after some stretching to prepare for a brisk walk, the natural detoxification process of our bodies are enhanced. Herbs and brisk walking go well together as partners for fitness and just the right amount of weight loss.

What do we often eat at night? Well, I eat anything, plus some favorite herbs or green veggie I love mixing in with my food. Like Kinchay or Chinese parsley, onion leaves, or sweet potato leaves with tomatoes. I eat balanced and don't worry much about my weight because I'm able to maintain an ideal weight due to my love for herbs and veggies and brisk walking.

My wife eats less than I do during supper. She needs to shed off more pounds. She loves eating lots of herbs and veggies and some fish. Her problem is that at school where she teaches and where she eats breakfast and lunch, there aren't much choices on health food offered; mostly processed food. I, on the other hand, get to cook food that I like because I work at home as a web content writer and blogger.

Favorite Herb Meal

Wondering what our favorite herb meal is?

We love what I call "Kinchay Special" viand. My relatives often request it during our family reunions. It's lots of Chinese parsley, onion leaves, tomatoes, onions, garlic, tofu, and Bok Choy rolled into one. A very healthful meal. Just imagine the Vitamins A and C and a host of other super micro nutrients. We often eat this and it helps a lot in detoxifying the body. I mean, you'd see all the wicked vile stuff flushed out of your system each morning after you visit the toilet. Sometimes, a little help from your warm up stretches does the trick even better. And you'd also see some oily substance there that's supposed to be fats, experts say. I don't care what it is, I'm just glad it's out of my system.

Then you'd feel great and so light you can easily gallop your way to brisk walking and jogging. Better yet, eat a fruit or two right after your toilet visit and before your workout--two bananas or one big apple--drink a glass of water, and you're energized for your exercise. Herbs and brisk walking are a perfect health and fitness combination.

Some people would just settle for eating herbs and vegetables. Others would just want to plant them in their yards. I suggest you do all of the above and add brisk walking in between. I think it's a super health formula for everyone, for ages 12 to 90. I was managing my vegetable garden at age 12 and I see lots of folks in Deep Asia over 90 still doing it--and eating herbs and veggies.

Kinchay Special

Wondering how I cook my Kinchay Special?

Prepare Chinese parsley, onion leaves, bok choy, and tofu (wash them well) in the amount you like. Chop the leaves and slice the tofu in the size you prefer. Saute chopped garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Put in the leaves, salt to taste, mix well for 30 seconds, add enough water for steaming, cover for a minute, and serve hot. Some folks here in Deep Asia like sauteeing shrimp and some pork with it for extra subtle flavoring. For extra fibers, include the white stems of the bok choy. That's a healthy, flavorful meal.

There's great benefit making herbs and veggies a part of your daily diet. A tribe in Deep Asia called "Ilokanos" make these plants part of their ordinary meals and a lot of them live long lives enjoying healthy lives and their families. 

How do I do my brisk walk?

Just...brisk walk. Smile a lot, greet fellow joggers, and laugh some as you and your spouse talk about something funny. Oh, and that is very healthy.


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