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Here is How To Get Up Earlier In The Morning

Updated on September 19, 2009

Here is How To Get Up Earlier In The Morning

Getting up in the morning really sucks. You can't help but want to keep hitting that snooze button to get a few more minutes of sleep. Now you have noticed that this method of waking up is not working for you. You have to change your routine right away. Therefore here are a few ideas that will help you get up earlier in the morning.

How to Get Up Earlier In The Morning:

Stop hitting that snooze button -- Try as much as you can to not hit that button of death. You are just teasing your body when you hit the snooze button. The extra sleep doesn't recharge your body. If you have to, rip that button off your alarm. With the lack of a 10 minute teaser, you will see a difference in the ease of getting up.

Have a set wake up time -- You are able to tell your body that you should get up at a certain time. Set your alarm for, lets say, 5:00 a.m. Keep it set to that everyday. After a few days of waking up at an early time, you will start to notice that you are able to get up a lot easier than before. You should adjust your sleeping pattern after a week of forced waking up.

Get some help -- If you have problems waking up in the morning, ask for assistance from family or friends. Tell them that you want to start waking up earlier in the morning. If they respect your wishes, or are even up at the early time you suggest, you will have a hand at smacking you into the morning light.

Try exercise -- In the morning when you wake up, try doing 30 to 60 minutes of exercise. This will set your body up to be extra tired by the end of the day--not to mention that exercise is good for your health. This tiredness should act as the reason for your ease into sleep at an earlier time. With earlier bedtimes equals earlier wake.

Tell your self that it is better to wake up early -- Try to say this in your head as much as possible: "I love waking up in the morning because it makes life better and easier!" If you keep telling yourself this, you cab convince yourself that it is better to wake up earlier. With this self persuasion, you may grasp the motivation it will take to get up. Try it!

These were a few ways on how to get up earlier in the morning. Yes, getting up early is very hard at the start, but with a little preparation you will be able to wake up with the least amount of difficulty. There are many great reasons why you should start waking up earlier and now you will reap those rewards. Stick to your wake up plan and you will your life will change. Good luck waking up with the birds!


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