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Herpes FAQ: Herpes Frequently Asked Questions About Herpes

Updated on January 19, 2011

The TOP Herpes FAQ: Specifically how common is the herpes simplex virus?

HSV2 herpes is rather common! It is estimated that forty five million people today in the US alone have it. Of which means about one in five adult males as well as one out of four adult females.

Q: What are examples of the symptoms of Herpes?

HSV-2 Herpes symptoms can vary dependant upon several things although the most typical are blisters and/or open sores around the genital area. Signs or symptoms often occur prior to the sores develop. Frequent warning signs usually are head aches, low-grade fever, flu-like signs and symptoms for example joint pain.

Q: I believe I may have genital herpes, what exactly must I do?

One thing to do is examine yourself thoroughly and determine if you've small blisters. If that's the case, cease having sex and see your physician quickly for a herpes viral culture test. If you are not encountering blisters but still believe you could have herpes then stop having sex and ask your medical professional for a herpes blood test.

Q: Do you know the chances of having a inaccurate "positive" HSV2 herpes virus test?

If you get a positive test outcome, you could have either had herpes, or you've got a false positive test. Viral culture tests are incredibly accurate when you have one done when you have active herpes blisters or ulcers. Herpes Blood tests (serology) may be done to confirm the presense of herpes infection-fighting proteins (antibodies) which can be created by your immune system when you're infected with HSV. Various genital herpes blood tests can be purchased, and each type has a different rate of bogus positive results.

Q: Is lysine for herpes a very effective treatment?

Numerous studies have shown that ingesting lysine in the proper dose can slow down the virus in addition to prevent the growth of the herpes virus. Herpes simplex virus breakouts usually are much less severe and occur much less frequently.

Q: Might I have herpes and not realize it?

You bet. You will discover estimations that 90% or more of the people who have genital herpes have no idea they have it. For the reason that the herpes virus effects people in different ways and lots of times they either don’t have virtually any signs and symptoms or they mistake their particular signs or symptoms for other skin disorders including an in-grown hair, rash or perhaps pimples.

Second Most Asked Herpes FAQ: Just what are my odds of getting rejected because I have herpes?

Excellent question! It depends strongly on your frame of mind towards the virus. If you expect to be rejected then you probably will. I get rejected much more for my big nose than I do for herpes! I’ve never ever been refused and I never tell someone with the preconditioned thought that I will be rejected. Actually I’ve attempted to be rejected a number of instances using herpes as an reason for not dating a person who has asked me out. In my experience, herpes is really an irritating skin condition that creates me some pain and keeps me from having sexual intercourse a couple of weeks a year. I do not allow it to be into something that it isn't! It does not replace the fact that I am an exceptional individual who possesses quite a few fantastic things to offer someone special. Accept the point that herpes is a always and forever part of your body. No more or no less than all of your other forever parts of the body such as the eyes, ears, and even your own big nose! Check out my HUB on Herpes Dating for more information

Third Most Herpes FAQ: I was just identified as having HSV-2, is life as I know it over?

Yes! Your old life is over! At this moment it’s time to get a brand new and fascinating life! For me being diagnosed with genital herpes is a great thing. It forced me to manage my entire body better. It’s forced me personally to be aware of what my body informs me. I’m really conscious of how my body should really feel and perform. I have figured out how to appreciate the “real” delights that my partner brings into my entire life and what I add to hers.

Do You Have A Herpes FAQ?

Ask your herpes FAQ below and I'll answer you as soon as I can. Knowledge is power, especially when you have herpes. It's critical that you know as much about the virus as you can. Knowledge is the first step in effectively controlling the herpes simplex virus and getting your new and exciting life!

If you don't feel confortable about leaving a question below, then contact me directly. I'm here to help!

To your success and happiness!


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    • profile image

      Curious 21 months ago

      I just went to the obgyn waiting on the results but I found a bump which did not hurt at all until she popped it to get a sample and even after it didnt hurt. I have had it for a good 2 months but I'm freaking out waiting for the results. Where she popped it there is now nothing there but again I'm just freaking out. The bump was red again didnt hurt while touching it, I went to the doc bc I thought u had a yeast infection so I took monistat which took the itchiness away but not the discharge she said i had bv so I've been taking an antibiotic. Its working for bv but still having no patience to wait for the answer about the bump

    • prodriver08 profile image

      prodriver08 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      You don't have to do anything but why would you want to have sex during an outbreak? I've done it but it's too painful to really enjoy the sex. My rule is not to have sex during an outbreak...I can wait a week or a few days more when sex can be enjoyed.

      However, if your GF has already tested positive then technically I suppose it would be OK. I mean, you can't get HSV again although you may end up having outbreaks in other parts of your genital area.

      DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a medical professional and you should always check with your doctor for any medial advice. The opinions are my own and are based on research and my personal experiences living with genital herpes.

    • profile image

      photoloto 5 years ago

      I'm new to the virus and haven't confirmed it clinically. But I'm pretty sure I have the symptoms. Fairly certain I picked it up from from my girlfriend of 4 months; we are monogamous, stronger than ever. I seem to get an outbreak when we have a lot of sex. It's at the base of my penis in the pubic bone/hair area, not on my shaft or head. Condom won't cover it. I haven't seen it on her, but she tested positive for type 2 at her OB GYN last month.

      My question is: Do we have to stop having sex during outbreaks? What will happen if we stay active, really active during outbreaks?

    • True Cures profile image

      True Cures 6 years ago from Payette Idaho

      What about the questions that are never ever asked? I would like to propose a challenge for anyone to answer these questions. This is a yahoo answers question I asked. It was quickly banned the first time I asked and I raised a stink and it mostly got attacked by was not banned a second time.

      The greatest question you can ask is.. Is the medical industry including alternative medicine shooting you straight?

      Right now people only assume there are people who actually see the herpes virus in the flesh through microscopes but know one seems to know who the last person on record is who actually has seen what is known as a herpes virus.

      Consider and discuss this Yahoo answer and see if you do not find reason to doubt your current understanding or lack of understanding of the disease known as "herpes".


      Yahoo Question**

      If you ask if anyone has ever seen a live living herpes virus in the flesh, they say yes, when you see a herpes lesion or even a cold sore. That's quite the assumption to assume that a sore that looks like what we know as herpes is being caused by a virus.

      No one seems to know who or if anyone actually sees a herpes virus under a microscope. We know doctors do not see an actual virus they send the blood samples or culture samples to a lab and the lab techs do not see an actual herpes virus either they see "indications" of a virus like a change in the color of a dye or some other chemical indication. So who actually sees a "herpe"?

      So no one we know of is seeing a herpes virus in the flesh, they only see what they assume is caused by a herpes virus. The question is, how does anyone know if a outbreak is viral or fungus other than assumption?

      Will people dare suggest it is the IgG antibody that proves an outbreak is caused by the notorious herpe? We have five antibodies and humans are susceptible to thousands of pathogens that can require an antibody response, are we to "believe" or "assume" that the IgG antibody associated with what is known as herpes cannot be a defense to any other of the thousands of pathogens we come in contact with? That would mean the IgM, IgE, IgA and IgD have to handle all the other known pathogens themselves.

      I ask…how do we know the supposed herpes outbreak is caused by a virus and not fungus if no one is seeing any actual viruses or testing the outbreak for fungus? Why can't fungus cause the same antibody response as a virus? After all it is very easy to cure a fungus so it would behoove people to know the difference.