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Hibiscus Remedy for Hair Problems: Some Traditional Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Updated on April 1, 2013
Hibiscus syriacus: A variety of the flower is given pride of the National Flower of South Korea
Hibiscus syriacus: A variety of the flower is given pride of the National Flower of South Korea | Source
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis enjoys reputation of the national flower of Malaysia
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis enjoys reputation of the national flower of Malaysia | Source
Hibiscus flower has wonderful medicinal properties for hair health
Hibiscus flower has wonderful medicinal properties for hair health | Source

A Note for Readers on the Ingredients Used in this Hibiscus Hair Remedy Hub

The readers of this hub may please note that the two processes presented in the form of recipes for hair-oil and hair conditioners make use of the most basic ingredients that may be readily available in a common village set up in Orissa, India. If in case, one finds it difficult to gather some of the ingredients, please feel free to contact the author of this hub through comments. All efforts will be made to provide information on substitutes that may be easier to find in other places.

An Introduction to HIBISCUS

Hibiscus plant and flowers are found in almost all warm and tropical climates around the world. This bushy plant is so versatile in its use that a homestead in rural India is considered incomplete without a hibiscus plant in it. In Asian traditional lifestyle, hibiscus has a special place in social and cultural practices. People use the flowers, leaves and roots as food, beverages and as offerings in worship. Some species of the hibiscus flower are also given importance as national flower in countries like South Korea and Malaysia. Popularly known as China Rose, this flower has many medicinal uses in increasing appetite, treating common cold, heart and respiratory diseases and so on. In the present hub, an effort is made to present the benefits of hibiscus in hair related issues. The ideas presented here are based on common practices and beliefs of thousands of homemakers in the Eastern part of Indian Subcontinent and therefore should be used by the readers at their own discretion. The author of this hub is only responsible for sharing these ideas. However, the author, from her own experience of the methods learnt through hereditary learning processes and uses, has substantial belief in these ideas and processes compared to commercially available treatments and methods.

Uses of Hibiscus in Hair Related Problems

Hibiscus oil is used widely to promote naturally dark and silky hair. A simple recipe is given in this hub to prepare hibiscus oil at home for personal and household use.

Different preparations from hibiscus are used as preventions against pre-mature greying of hair.

Hibiscus is used as a remedy against hair fall.

Massage of hibiscus paste and oil on the scalps make the scalp free from infections and make the hairs shiny.

Hair packs with hibiscus make the hair stronger and longer

The flower and leaves of hibiscus are also used for skin tightening and removal of wrinkles in the skin, and therefore, apart from benefits for hair, it is also used as a natural cosmetic in treating skin related problems.


Instructions for Making Hibiscus Oil

Cut the flower and have the petals separated. Chop these petals in to small pieces. Many people prefer to use only the petals. But one may also use the whole flower.

Add the chopped petals to the coconut oil and leave it for an hour.

Microwave the coconut oil along with the hibiscus petals for around 15 minutes or cook the oil for around 10 minutes on simmer. Do not let the petal pieces get burnt and remove the pot from stove or microwave before the petal pieces become charcoal. Let the hot oil cool for room temperature. It may take another 30-40 minutes.

Now filter the oil into a convenient bottle and store. Under normal room temperature, the oil can be stored for more than three months without having its benefits diminished.

Home Remedy for Hair-loss-1: The Hibiscus Hair-oil Recipe

One can easily make hibiscus oil at home from easily available items. Here is how?


(1) 2-3 hibiscus flowers: It is much better if they are not fully grown.

(2) Pure coconut oil around 200 ml: One may purchase good coconut oil from the store. It is not very difficult to make your own coconut oil at home. I have discussed the process of making homemade coconut oil in another hub titled “Homemade Coconut Oil: Natural Remedy for Preventing Hair Loss

(3) A pot to cook, a knife and a common kitchen filter (preferably non-plastic)

That is all one needs to make homemade hibiscus oil. People may optionally add other things such as Amla, Brahmi or some other things. But the main ingredients are coconut oil and hibiscus flowers.

Usage: You are now ready with hibiscus oil. Take some oil on your palm and massage it on the scalp and hair before going to bed and go for a shampoo the next morning. One may see the wonderful results after applying it 4-5 times.

The Home made Coconut Oil
The Home made Coconut Oil

Home Remedy for Hair-loss-2: The Hibiscus Hair Conditioner Recipe

Making a hair conditioner with hibiscus is really easy and effective way to control hair fall problems.


(1) 5-6 hibiscus flowers, buds and tender leaves

(2) Sprouted fenugreek seeds (20 grams): One may soak fenugreek seeds for a while and then keep the wet seeds in a piece of cloth overnight to get it sprouted.

(3) 1/4 cup of curd

(4) Optionally, you can also add 1/4 cup of coconut milk.

(one may also add a couple of aloe vera leaves to the list of ingredients. Aloe vera has its own benefits. But it is not a necessary ingredient for the present purpose)

The Process:

Cut the hibiscus flowers leaves and buds into small pieces.

Add the chopped hibiscus leaves and flowers with the sprouted fenugreek seeds and mix well in a grinder to a fine paste. Add required amount of curd and or coconut milk to make the paste smooth.

Usage: The homemade hibiscus hair conditioner is now ready to use. Apply it on your hair and massage on the scalp for 10 minutes and wait for around half an hour to shampoo your hair. Even in the first application you can notice the refreshing and shining hair.

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The purpose of this hub is to highlight the benefits of hibiscus in dealing with hair related problems. However, some other health related benefits (properties) of the flower have also been discussed in the hub. Hope readers may find this hub useful. For any further clarification and comments, readers may use the comment section at the end of this hub.

Other Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Use as Food and Beverages
Health Benefits in External Application
To treat loss of appetite
Pase from fresh flowers is used as a lotion against skin allergies
Used as a herbal tea with relaxing effect, served hot or chilled. High pectin content makes the flower a valuable ingredient in jelly and jam making industry
As a face wash base to increase moisture in skin
Beneficial for bowel movement
As an anti inflammatory substance against sun burns
Reduces Blood Pressure
Used for treatments in muscle pain and sprains
Anti-oxidant food item rich in vitamin-C, pectins, malic and tartaric acids. Eating hibiscus flowers regularly has anti-ageing properties also
Paste used as after shave balm
Using hibiscus as a food also works as a natural contraceptive. In pre-modern era, midwives used to suggest hibiscus drinks for pregnant women to induce abortion of unwanted pregnancy

Apart from its use for hair care, hibiscus is also used for different purposes as food and cosmetics. The list provided in the table is not comprehensive. An attempt has been made to only highlight some uses of hibiscus. The author of this hub is onl

Video on basic ingredients used for hibiscus remedy


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