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The calories that should be avoided

Updated on May 5, 2012

One way to loose excessive weight is to try to avoid consuming food containing the calories that our body does not really need.

Calories can be usual, empty and hidden. Our body needs some calories to build new cells. Other calories only weigh on the body and make it fat. These unnecessary calories are called empty calories or hidden calories. So where do they actually hide?

Empty calories

These can be found in the products with low nutritional value, that is, on the big scale, our body does not need them. A good example is French fries or chips. They don`t contain any minerals or vitamins, or antioxidants, but instead there are many fats and calories. This list can include most of the sweet food, sweet gas drinks, beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks. None of these are useful for us, but only contribute to the excessive weight.

Empty calories can be avoided if we avoid all the above mentioned products and also if we don`t roast our food in too much oil and fat.

Hidden calories

If dishes are cooked outside home, we cannot tell how many calories they contain, as we do not know how fat the mayonnaise is in a hotdog or what ingredients are in a sauce. Hidden calories are in fast food, ready salads, restaurant food and half cooked food. Besides, hidden calories enter our body, when we do not control the quantities of what we eat: watching TV, reading a book…

Pay attention to what you eat. Buy only natural products, cook them at home and keep an eye on the eaten quantity!

What can you do to start loosing weight?

1 Drink pressed juices instead of juices in packages and add water to them.

2 Instead of cakes and pastry eat honey and dried fruit.

3 Switch from grilled sausages to chicken/turkey meat.

4 Don`t eat chicken`s skin.

5 Cut the firm edges off the bread or pie.

6 Don`t eat in a hurry.

7 Cook light sauces at home.


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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      yes, and they are good to follow also) We are what we eat:)thanx for the comment!

    • nakhit_x profile image

      nakhit_x 6 years ago from Bahrain

      a small push in the right direction

      not bad the 7 tips especialy