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Hiding Depression

Updated on February 18, 2018
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Ruth, a.k.a. Elayne Kongaika, was raised in the orchard town of Orem, Utah. She married a Polynesian and has had amazing travel experiences.

Olivia by Ruth Kongaika
Olivia by Ruth Kongaika

No one wants to be around you because you bring them down. You cannot talk to a counselor since that means you are undesirable as a member of the human race and especially as a spouse. Others do not understand the depth of your depression. So, you hide it. It seems the more you talk about it, the more people avoid and criticize you.


How odd is it that maladies such as cancer, diabetes, leukemia and many others do not carry the same stigma as depression? Perhaps you are making it up. Just get over it! Get a grip and be happy! They do not and will never relate or understand if they are not predisposed to this unfortunate condition.

Ignoring depression is about as easy as pretending you do not have a nose on your face. Try walking into a room full of happy people and make believe that your lack of a nose will not be noticed. Try to cover it up and others will sniff out your lack of a noggin in no time. It is easier just to not go at all and suffer in silence.

Frond Lady by Ruth Kongaika
Frond Lady by Ruth Kongaika

Numb it

Medications temporarily numb the undeniable weight of depression. After trying what chemists feel are the right combination of uppers, a favorite can be chosen. But it does not totally keep it away. It returns at unusual times, like when you have had a great experience and have no real reason to be depressed.

People remind you of the many things you have or are that should give you no reason to be depressed. This only makes you more depressed since you know they are right. Why are the most talented people afflicted with gloom? Why do many of them end up dying early trying to cope with indescribable despair?

More Questions than Answers

Why has the world not paid more attention to depression. Perhaps if they ignore it, it will disappear. Is it wired into your DNA? Do childhood experiences create it? Is it only prevalent in underprivileged homes? If you were more attractive or intelligent would it be less likely? Is it linked to hormones or nutritional deficiencies?

If you suffer from depression can you be successful? Will you be satisfied with success? Can a depressed person ever really feel accomplished? Often the worse time for a depressed person is right after a great a accomplishment. Will their efforts ever be enough to dig them out of this deep hole?

Depression is a Person

Arrogant people laugh at depression. Doctors pretend to understand what they have not experienced. They push drugs instead of dealing with the depressed person. No wonder suppressing depression is more prevalent. But, hiding it is not a sign of strength. It shows great courage to bare your soul and let others know you do not find joy in them or most activities.

It is believed that if you do a thing over and over, you will become adept at it. Pretending to enjoy people and activities may help you get more out of life. Or not! Perhaps a depressed person is perfectly happy being depressed. Could that possibly be? It is more natural for them. Why should they fight it and try to be someone they are not? Why fix something in them if it is not broken?

Is it possible for a person to embody depression?

Get it Out!

Smile, and pretend you are just like everyone else, although God and yourself know you are not. Respectfully regarding God, why is it so hard to believe that you are loved as much as all of God’s other children? Drugs are supposed to balance out the chemical deficiency you obviously have, but it is still there, under the surface, screaming at you every single day! So, when you occasionally blurt out an explicative, people appear shocked that those words could come out of you. Get it out! It makes you feel better. Hiding depression only makes it worse.

Food for thought. Welcoming your thoughts on this issue.

© 2016 Elayne


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