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High Functioning Sociopaths are not Unreasonable

Updated on April 5, 2018

We as high functioning sociopaths are not exactly unreasonable, stubborn maybe, it's just that our way IS usually better. Why should we wait around for someone else to botch it up when it's just gonna make it harder for us when WE have to fix it anyway. Is that really unreasonable? Is it unreasonable to heed a sage's words over a toddlers? I like to think that it's just plain logical.

Looking in from the outside all the time let's us see how the world really is, passed the images and facades of the general masses who are limited by their own lack of options or perception there of. The only limit to our options is ourselves, we are not swayed by what the guy/girl standing next to us or in front of us or on the TV or in the magazine article thinks or says. The social masses leave their options behind if it brings them discomfort or pain or if they just don't wanna do it, they let emotion hold them back from progress and are tied down by trivial matters like trends and whatever else it is they think about or ponder, if they do such a thing.

We can be counted on to solve most things, though our solutions may not always be 'reasonable' for society. maybe not out of any goodness within us but due to the desire to show our superiority by simplifying others problems into a quick task.

Venting a Little

We have no price, there is nothing someone can do or say to get us to break our values, nothing. Society on the other hand seems to value very little given the cheap prices they give it up for, fathers will give up their children just to screw around, police officers excepting bribes from known criminals of cash or even drugs and sex, accountants give up their jobs to try their greed and swindle/steal money. Yet, given all this, sociopathy is the one that is considered the 'mental' condition? Are we really the ones that are wrong because we function differently from society, or is it just easier to label us as opposed to the multitude of disorders we would have to dish out to explain the general population? Regardless, we are free, though it may bring us great hardship at times and it may at times seem like we are just drifting through time given to shear boredom of the lack of any intellectual conversation, alas we are free. If it all becomes too much, we can just switch it off and start over, life is like a video game till the day we expend our last life.

On a Personal Note

This may just be me personally but the one thing I would trade is the loneliness, to be able to feel alone in the times when I'm sitting by myself would be greatly preferred over the loneliness I feel surrounded by people I know, maybe I shouldn't call it loneliness, more like a boredom of general society, withstanding their pointless conversations that are going on around me about nothing, knowing anything I have to say will probably result in a verbal altercation with someone or worse.

Thanks for Listening

Feel free to comment, just remember I am a high functioning sociopath, you can criticize me all you like but you may as well be criticizing your keyboard


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