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High Intensity Interval Training

Updated on October 17, 2012
Carl Lewis Sprinting
Carl Lewis Sprinting

Cardiovascular exercise is one component of weight loss. Any exercise program is good for your health, but some are better for weight loss. High-intensity interval training is definitely the cardio program to choose if you want to lose weight quickly. H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) in conjunction with a good diet and strength-training will fast track any weight-loss program.

Begin your workout session with a 3 to 5 minute warm up. Gradually build up intensity until you reach 65 percent of your maximal heart rate (220 minus your age).

Start the program with a 30 second sprint at your maximal intensity. The next 30 seconds should be at a slow pace. Repeat the cycle four times for your first workout. After the four intervals do a 3 to 5 minute cool down. Do a light stretch to prevent soreness.

It is best to cycle this program on and off. With a high intensity program like this cycling will help injury prevention. Have at least two weeks off this program before repeating it. When you cycle the program back on increase the interval time to 45 seconds.

Before starting any exercise program consult with your doctor. H.I.I.T. is not a beginner program so make sure you are in good enough cardiovascular shape to do this program. A good rule of thumb is you should be able to exercise at 65 to 75 percent of your maximum heart rate (the traditional weight loss zone) for 30 minutes. If you have been in a traditional program like this for a couple weeks you should be able to safely start an H.I.I.T. program.


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    • ghomefitness profile image

      ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for your comment Astaroth. I am sure you can take a class at your college to get some resistance training tips. If you learn what muscle you want to recruit it is easier to train.

    • -Astaroth- profile image

      -Astaroth- 6 years ago from Lebanon

      good hub, I've heard of this kind of training because a few of my college friends are avid bodybuilders. I myself never know what to do with myself after treadmill and step-ups so i end up stretching and doing my regular kickboxing workout.Needless to say, when i go into the machine room i'm clueless with what to do and how many reps.

    • ghomefitness profile image

      ghomefitness 7 years ago from Chicago,IL

      Thanks for reading my hub izettl. It is the way I train as well to keep me lean. If I cut down on my interval training and go to a long slow workout I gain weight quickly.

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      This is hands down the best way to exercise. I used to do this training and got incredible results with not much more than 20 minutes in the gym a few days a week.

    • profile image

      high intensity training 7 years ago

      Putting an interval into high intensity training will work wonders for a person of normal built.