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High Intensity Resistance Training and Your Metabolism

Updated on May 25, 2011

What is HIRT?

High intensity resistance training is basically training for fat loss. With this type of training you can lose weight by increasing your basal metabolic rate. In fact, this type of training is the absolute best when it comes to increasing your BMR. This type of resistance training increases your exercise post oxygen consumption as well, which is a very good thing. Most importantly high intensity resistance training burns calories which results in weight loss.

How Is it Done?

High intensity training is done by performing a variety of exercises at the same time. You will do a certain number of reps of each of the exercises for a certain number of minutes without stopping. This is sometimes called a "giant set". This is a great work out to lose weight if you want to avoid long cardio work outs. It increases muscle mass more effectively than any other type of work out and since muscle burns fat it concludes with weight loss and a lean physique. After you complete a high intensity work out your metabolism will be increased for 36 hours. If you perform this type of work out every three days your metabolism will continue to increase and burn away calories on a daily basis. This work out has been proven more effective than aerobics in burning fat. It has also been shown to go hand and hand with a specific diet. If you are on a high calorie diet it will increase your weight and muscle mass but if you are on a low calorie diet it will keep your muscle mass minimum and leave you looking lean and skinny. High intensity training also increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance and provides more fat burning results than does high intensity cardio exercises.

High Intensity Exercise Ideas

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SquatsDeadliftsWind Sprints
Wind Sprints
Wind Sprints

Things to Consider When Doing High Intensity Training

When performing these types of exercises is crucial to perform reps of five to fifteen of each exercise and continue to exercise through the burning sensation that you will feel that is caused by lactic acid. You will want to center your work out on the largest muscle groups and focus on combo-sets each day. When you begin your sets you must follow through with all of the exercises in the group, performing set after set, until you feel like you are going to collapse from exhaustion. There is really no need to keep up with how many sets you do, but you do need to keep up with the number of reps(the five to fifteen that we were talking about) of each exercise in the group. You should work on a time limit that you increase each week or every other week as you gain muscle. If you choose to start at five minutes, then you should perform all exercises in the group until the time has elapsed.

The Benefits of HIRT

The effects of high intensity resistance training on your BMR are extremely beneficial in losing weight because this work out increases the number of calories that your body burns at rest. By increasing your BMR you will lose weight faster or gain fat slower depending on your calorie intake. The way this work out helps increase your basal metabolic rate is by building muscle mass. To put it more simply, your BMR increases as your muscle mass increases and high intensity resistance training increases your muscle mass.


If you are looking to increase your BMR long term then you would benefit from high intensity resistance training. If you are looking for short term fat loss results then you would also benefit greatly from HIRT. Some other people that would benefit from high intensity resistance training is individuals who are looking to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance, burn more calories on a daily basis, minimize fat gain while increasing muscle bulk, and athletes who need to increase muscle endurance in short time frames while decreasing body fat.

High Intensity Training Videos


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    • profile image

      Ron 6 years ago

      Great article about HIRT

    • profile image

      hit training 7 years ago

      A variety of exercises done at the same time will surely give a balanced structure to the body as muscles will be forced to work out.