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Highlighting two commendable doctors dedicated to extending or saving lives

Updated on April 25, 2017

Hospitals like Integris Baptist Medical Center have highly trained healthcare professionals for just about anything medical, from having a baby to someone arriving in a dire manner; prepared for life's health emergencies. It has excellent doctors including Allen R. Molloy, MD (Intervention Radiology) and Abbas Raza, MD (Gastroenterology) in order to gift patients who require specialized skills the very best quality of healthcare which can equate to extending or saving a life depending on the individual's situation for admittance.

Dr. Molloy and Dr. Raza have excellent reputations as highly trained specialists. They are well known for their first-rate skills in their fields of expertise throughout the state of Oklahoma. Even my husband's primary care provider who practices in Yukon, Oklahoma confirmed this as true. It was an honor to meet these two very dedicated men. Discussing Medical Science, within their specialization, with them was highly interesting as well as mentally stimulating. Both were passionate regarding their individual fields of expertise within the world of Healthcare. Wonderful to witness they were doctors for all the right reasons, had truly dedicated their lives to the Hippocratic Oath traditionally accepted as written by the Classical Grecian Hippocrates.

I further learned from these two Medical Science has improved a lot since the 20th Century. In the past five years this science has rapidly evolved into something greater gifting talented well trained specialists the ability to extend or save a life without using the elder invasive methods like major surgery! These newer 21st century procedural measures, like stent placements, due to their nature of being less invasive, are easier on the patient's body. They activate less body stress. It is my understanding recovery from these newer methods can be quicker than if an preceding method like a major surgery was involved.

Dr. Molloy and Dr. Raza were a pleasant surprise. Even though they are highly accomplished specialists in the field of Medicine with their sterling reputations, in their world are the Crème de la Crème, they were very personable, great conversationalists. To me, both were very affable, people lovers, and had an excellent sense of humor. They of course take their work very seriously. These doctors were two of the most caring physicians I have ever had the honor of meeting. The degree to which they were there for their patients was stupendous.

I was further impressed by how relaxed they were in their work environment. They did not seem stressed before or after performing the impressive procedures they delivered. I could tell my husband was in good hands with these two! It was amazing how calm and kind, while displaying a great sense of humor, they were before and after each procedure accomplished for my husband. I found their compassion toward others wonderful and inspiring. My husband regarded Dr. Molly and Dr. Raza kinder than most physicians, but he did point out the rest on the Doctors Team (6 total, not counting the one that filled in for the general practitioner on my husband's last day) assigned to him were almost as nice.

As the spouse of one of their patients, I had the honor of having the ability to ask questions that one would not ordinarily be able to ask someone of Dr. Molloy's and Dr. Raza's caliber, especially if in an ordinary interview situation. I enjoyed how in-depth Dr. Molloy and Dr. Raza were willing to discuss things with me. I felt at ease the entire time conferring with them. Both of these doctors wanted my husband and I to know exactly what they were going to do plus the expected outcome. We both thoroughly enjoyed their conscientiousness.

Integris Baptist Medical Center is very fortunate to have Dr. Allen R. Molloy and Dr. Abbas Raza on staff at their hospital. These stalwart doctors with excellent medical and people skills are commendable. Even though my husband and I only knew them for days, we are very appreciative to have known these two physicians. They professionally treated us with courteousness and respect. We could not have expected or asked for better.

These modest brilliant specialists did extend my husband's life; just as they have others. In their world, what they did was the rule instead of exception. To us, we saw Dr. Molloy's minimally invasive work and Dr. Raza's non-invasive procedures as exceptional, extraordinary. I shall always remember them as "miracle workers" who work miracles daily with their medical skills and equipment. In my opinion, all of their past and future patients are fortunate to receive their dedicated healthcare.

It is a great honor for me to, in this happy health review, give Dr. Molloy and Dr. Raza five stars (the largest amount possible to give) for their treatment to patient, interaction with patient and spouse, work performance and bedside manner. An extra special thank you to Dr. Molloy, Dr. Raza and the rest of the physicians on the Doctors Team who treated my husband at Integris Baptist Medical Center on 7 East (an exemplary run floor). My husband could not have received better medical treatment, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

5 stars for Allen R. Molloy, MD & Abbas Raza, MD
This is an image of the Integris Baptist Medical Center where Doctor Allen R. Molloy and Doctor Abbas Raza work.
This is an image of the Integris Baptist Medical Center where Doctor Allen R. Molloy and Doctor Abbas Raza work. | Source

What is Gastroenterology?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Gastroenterology as "a branch of medicine concerned with the structure, functions, diseases, and pathology of the stomach and intestines." Furthermore Gastroenterology includes the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the digestive system. Gastroenterologists, who are specialists in their field, today have extraordinary equipment at their disposal which include gastroenterological stents that can be placed for assistive purposes in order to help the body's "plumbing" perform correctly. An example: Placement of stent being in the Pancreatico-biliary to precipitate the body's bile to run downwards toward the small intestines.

Dr. Raza admitted he prefers using printed out diagrams where he can show patient (and spouse) exactly where he is going to work while discussing the recommended procedure or treatment. He has noticed showing a patient where in the body they will be treated helps he or she relax and better prepares them for the treatment or procedure he is recommending. The colored diagram he showed us came from the Boston Scientific website.

What is Intervention (aka Interventional) Radiology?

Per John Hopkins Medicine: Intervention Radiology is a "sub-specialty of radiology utilizing minimally-invasive image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat diseases in nearly every organ system. The concept behind interventional radiology is to diagnose and treat patients using the least invasive techniques currently available in order to minimize risk to the patient and improve health outcomes. These procedures have less risk, less pain and less recovery time in comparison to open surgery."

Dr. Molloy admitted there are lead-lined walls surrounding where he works due to highly sensitive equipment. The lead-lined walls purposefully stop reception for all things wireless like cellular phones or personal computers in order to prevent equipment malfunction caused by the type of signals wireless devices emit and accept. Lead-lined walls are regarded as a standard Intervention Radiology safety precaution.

This is the front of an Intervention Radiology stent card given to patients who receive them. I found it interesting that the Cordis stent is made by Johnson & Johnson Company.
This is the front of an Intervention Radiology stent card given to patients who receive them. I found it interesting that the Cordis stent is made by Johnson & Johnson Company. | Source

A Special Note of Gratitude

I personally thank my husband for allowing me to mention as much as I have regarding his hospitalization experience during April 2017. Without his consent and the special permissions from Allen R. Molloy, MD and Abbas Raza, MD this hub (article) would never have been written. This Reviewer is filled with gratitude toward all permissions given, and she personally thanks Doctor Molloy and Dr. Raza for their trust.


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