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Learning about the Power of Wheatgrass & Other Sprouts the Hippocrates Way

Updated on January 17, 2017

The Journey Continues: Day Two of Seven

I’m on a health and wellness journey and spending a week at Hippocrates, in West Palm Beach, FL. Hippocrates offers a three-week Life Transformation Program and I’m discovering just what that means. For my second day the journey continued with an orientation covering just about everything Hippocrates offers.

Rather than go into all that happened on the second day and for the rest of this week, I’ll pick a couple of topics to focus on from each day. Two of the most significant things you will learn is the importance of both wheatgrass and other varieties of sprouts.


Wheatgrass is something I’ve been taking for over five years on a regular basis. When I heard all the things it is good for it was a no brainer as far as I was concerned. It is one of the richest natural sources of vitamins A, C, D, K and B-complex. More important is the power of the chlorophyll contained in wheatgrass, which means it floods your body with the power of oxygen, which is our body’s life force and cancer’s enemy.

And that is only the beginning. It also helps remove toxic heavy metals from your body. Two ounces is said to be equal to five pounds of fresh vegetables and contains 103 vitamins and minerals.

There are many more benefits, but not all wheatgrass is the same and when my palate did a tasty test of the Hippocrates wheatgrass I was surprised that this was truly the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.

Curiosity made me wonder why and so I chatted with Brian Hetrich, Greenhouse Manager and wheatgrass guru at Hippocrates. He showed me the process he uses to bring his wheatgrass to its optimal level in just six days.

“The reason why our wheatgrass juice tastes so much different than other wheatgrass juicer's is the way that I grow it. The short answer is three things: the amount of light that I use for growing, the specific point of harvest, and freshness,” Hetrich explained.

Wheatgrass is such an important part of the Hippocrates program that they have a room devoted to juicing the wheatgrass. Those attending are encouraged to drink two ounces in the morning and two ounces at night for every day that you are there. But you are forewarned not to drink it too late since doing so could mean a sleepless night as the energy boost is real.

The wheatgrass in this room is kept in a refrigerator. You start by washing your hands then take some of the wheatgrass and put it in a colander. You then put small portions into the machine and push it through to see this dark green delicious wheatgrass be juiced. The best thing is that you get to drink the wheatgrass in the freshest possible way.

“Wheatgrass juice is nature's finest medicine. It is our signature elixir here at Hippocrates. It is the icon in our logo. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. It is also a powerful detoxifier. It will clean you out from top to bottom,” commented Hetrich.


In the same room where Brian grows the wheatgrass can also be found a variety of the many sprouts that are provided at every lunch and dinner. I’ve often heard how powerful sprouts are for the body but wasn’t sure why.

Fortunately, Brian solved the confusion for me by explaining, “Sprouts are the ultimate in freshness. They are baby vegetables in their prime. Plants reach a peak of nutritional concentration in the very early stages of gestation and that is what we call sprouts. That is the point that we eat them. Sprouts contain secret nutrients that define classification even to this day. They are in a category all by themselves even beyond raw foods. Sprouts have bio electricity. They contain life force energy. They are still growing at the time of consumption. Sprouts are alive and you are alive. Life begets life. The more living foods you put into your body at the expense of nonliving foods the more alive you become. That's the magic, that's the secret behind the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program. Your life will literally transform right before your eyes in spite of ourselves, by eating sprouts on a regular basis.”

So, there you have it, by eating sprouts you are getting the strongest possible level of goodness of what each type of sprout provides. For some the thought of a plate full of sprouts may not be that appealing but combine them with a variety of your favorite herbs and seasonings and an all-natural and tasty dressing, add in some olives and avocados and it’s amazing how your palate will appreciate not only the powerful flavors but how delicious sprouts can taste when combined with the right ingredients.

That said, Brian’s sprouts and wheatgrass are served at the peak of perfection which really speaks to your taste buds. If you don’t believe me and are in the West Palm Beach area, you can go for lunch or dinner or join the Open House which they have once a month, generally the last Wednesday of every month.


Me and all the other people attending the program this week are right at the heart of our detoxing. Give your body the ingredients it needs to strengthen your immune system and those free radicals don’t have a chance. Yet, for some it can be a quite rapid detox process and for those first few days you can experience a variety of things, such as headaches, aches and pains, stomach problems and even nausea. You might also experience some “not like the real you” moments and so we were encouraged to be patient if some people showed signs of anger, irritability and more.

So far so good for me but they are telling us that by our fifth day we are going to be happy with the way we feel once a good portion of those toxins are booted out of our bodies. I’m truly looking forward to that and will continue to share the process with you.

This is the second article in this series. To follow the journey from day one be sure to read the first article.

So, keep following me in this journey of health, the Hippocrates way. For more about Hippocrates, visit their website at, or call 561-471-8876. And if you happen to know someone who is facing a serious illness, such as cancer, leukemia, crohn’s disease, type 2 diabetes or any other immune disorder, tell them about Hippocrates. It may change their life.

Hippocrates - Wheatgrass and Sprouts

Wheatgrass ready to be juiced.
Wheatgrass ready to be juiced. | Source
Wheatgrass ready to be juiced.
Wheatgrass ready to be juiced. | Source
Wheatgrass juicing machine.
Wheatgrass juicing machine. | Source
Wheatgrass | Source
Wheatgrass root mat
Wheatgrass root mat | Source
Wheatgrass day 1 - Brian Hetrich showing his preparation of the wheatgrass grown at Hippocrates.
Wheatgrass day 1 - Brian Hetrich showing his preparation of the wheatgrass grown at Hippocrates. | Source
Wheatgrass day 1
Wheatgrass day 1 | Source
Wheatgrass day 2
Wheatgrass day 2 | Source
Wheatgrass day 3
Wheatgrass day 3 | Source
Wheatgrass day 4
Wheatgrass day 4 | Source
Wheatgrass day 4
Wheatgrass day 4 | Source
Wheatgrass day 5
Wheatgrass day 5 | Source
Wheatgrass day 5
Wheatgrass day 5 | Source
Wheatgrass day 6
Wheatgrass day 6 | Source
Wheatgrass | Source
Sprouts | Source
Sprouts | Source
Sprouts | Source
Sprouts | Source
Lots of sprouts ready to eat.
Lots of sprouts ready to eat. | Source


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    • dianaderosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana De Rosa 

      2 years ago from Farmingdale

      Go to this link to see the series of articles. Near the end - I believe it might be the sixth day - I talk about what my day was like. Please do share this series with your friends.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Can u share what a typical day was like, in terms of the schedule and activities?

    • dianaderosa profile imageAUTHOR

      Diana De Rosa 

      2 years ago from Farmingdale

      I would love to hear from others about your experience with wheatgrass and other suggestions you might have for improving your health.


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