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History of Substance Abuse : You must know

Updated on September 7, 2012

Substance Abuse

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Definition of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse also known as drug abuse is a self-explainable topic.Illegal misuse of any substance prohibited by law and rule is the simple definition of substance abuse. The final result of such abuse will lead to serious addiction to such substances.

Majority of Youths are involved in drug addiction and wasting their whole life a career as well as health. Substance abuse has become a huge social problem which needs to be controlled before its too late. Anyway, in this particular hub, i am going to focus mostly on history of substance abuse, which is a must to know if anyone is tending to make their career as substance abuse counselor.

History of Substance Abuse

We, as a human being are using drugs (sources may vary) for thousands of years. Egyptians were said to be the first to use wine. Narcotics are using from 4000 B.C; and weeds like marijuana are said to be in use from 2737 B.C initially from China. Alcoholic substances are being used in many rituals and are known as the most valuable beverage in various ethics, cultures and communities till now.

But, the extraction of drug from raw materials had started from earlier 19th century. Substances like morphine, cocaine etc were normally prescribed by physicians for the treatment of various diseases. If we see the history of American Civil War, there also substance like morphine was used as a pain killer to wounded soldiers. At that time, people especially doctors might not have known and aware of the consequences of extreme use of such substances. After the discovery of such substances, they flourished in such a way that, people used to take them without prescription. This had lead to over 250k addicts only in the United States in mid 1900s.

After this hazardous state, substance abuse disorders and problems were recognized and identified in gradual phase. So, the legal measures to stop drug abuse was firstly taken into action in 1875, in the United States. The first national drug law was labelled as the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906, which forced the accurate labeling of patent medicines which contain opium (raw drug material). From the mid 1930s, most of the states required anti drug education to be involved in schools.

The law and rule of drug abuse and drug trafficker has become very tight and the punishment to people or groups who break them is also tough. Still, people are managing to manufacture and use drugs to destroy life of many youths which should be stopped.


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      Gjivan 5 years ago

      Thankx dotty for this comment.

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      Really interesting and informative hub