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Holiday Over-Consumption Survival Guide

Updated on May 13, 2011

Prepare Yourself for the Assault

 At this time of the year we are constantly bombarded with goodies and calorie laden snacks.  The theme is generally over consumption, even if we have been “good” all year long.  Making a promise to yourself to “lose it in January” is not a good idea.  The main idea now is to “graze” in moderation if you must consume treats and to not throw all your efforts from an entire year of hard work out the window.


In the days leading up to the dinner or event you are planning on attending, over compensate by eating as healthy as you can.  Try to get in some exercise as well.  Eat smaller, healthier foods regularly and don’t starve yourself all day before you go out.  This will lead to a massive binge which will make you feel horrible later.


Easy on the Alcohol

 This is very difficult over the holidays, I know.  Alcohol is loaded with calories.  One beer looks innocent enough sitting there, but it contains up to 200 calories.  If you absolutely must drink, just have one drink.  Try to drink two glasses of water per one alcoholic beverage.  If you can avoid drinking anything alcoholic, your friends will love you for being the designated driver and getting everyone home safe.

Be Assertive

Don’t feel like you have to indulge in treats and drinks that are being offered to you just to be polite.  Say “no”.  The world will not end and your hips and thighs will be saved, for the time being.  If you really want something, then have it, but don’t be pressured into it.

Don't Clean Your Plate

 If you find that you took a little bit more than you can eat, don’t feel that you need to clean your plate. This is a really bad idea that our parents drilled into our heads. “What about the starving children in Africa?” is probably the guilt trip they took you on, but you need to only take what you can comfortably eat and leave the rest on your plate. If you overeat, you will wish you were wearing your sweat pants and laying on the couch. Instead, you might be reaching under the table to undo your top button to relieve the pressure while you try to continue in the conversation at the dinner table. Just don’t overeat unless you want to spend the rest of the night feeling uncomfortable and overfull and digging through the host’s bathroom cabinet looking for Tums.



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