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Holistic Body Cleanse Tips

Updated on March 28, 2010

Our environment is filled with toxic substances. Toxins appear in the air we breathe and the foods that we consume. They can overload in our systems and cause symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, headaches and sluggishness.

The right herbs can help your body with detoxification
The right herbs can help your body with detoxification

Eating a healthy diet is a major factor in purging toxins from our bodies. Natural detoxification is vital to maintaining good health. Organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as some nuts and fatty fishes can help to build our immune systems and purge our bodies of toxins.

However, diet alone will not rid us of the overwhelming numbers of toxins to which we are exposed. Body cleanse formulas, such as those found in health food stores, can help to get our bodies back into balance and free us of some of that toxin overload.

Choosing the right product is not always easy. There are too many options and care needs to be taken in finding the right product that will meet your detoxification needs. As with any product that is consumed or used on your body, it is of utmost importance to read labels. Steer clear of products that contain unidentifiable ingredients or ones that you cannot pronounce.

Our livers work hard to detoxify our bodies. Help to support it with herbals such as milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock and green tea. These can all be found in health food stores. Finding body cleansing products that include some or all of these ingredients will ensure you are supporting liver function.

Cleansing your body now does not mean that it will remain cleansed moving forward. Making changes to your lifestyle and occasional cleansing support is what is needed in order to work consistently at detoxification.

Here are some tips to help you fight those toxins and work towards optimal health:

•    Make changes that you can live with by eliminating bad food choices one at a time. When you remove one food replace it with a healthier option. Small changes add up over time.

•    Cook from scratch. Know what you are putting into your body. Preparing your own meals may be more time consuming but the peace of mind and improved health you will gain is well worth the time spent. Joining together as a family for home prepared meals is so beneficial for our health on so many levels.

•    Avoid the areas of the supermarket that contain the largest concentrations of processed junk foods. Stick to the perimeters where the fresh, organic produce and fish are located.

•    When purchasing boxed, processed foods, read the labels! Stay away from items that contain more than 5 ingredients. Remember, your food choices are what your body depends on to provide it with all of the nutrients it needs for healthy survival.  If your food choices are devoid of nutrition, they are detrimental to your health. Foods containing ingredients that you cannot identify or pronounce should be avoided completely.

•    Flush your body and keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of purified fresh water. Try to avoid plastic bottles. They are known to contain dangerous carcinogens. Drink a minimum of 8 eight ounce glasses of water every day. Drink more when the weather is warm and when you work out. Squeezing fresh, organic lemon into your water will help with the detoxification process and will work towards keeping your body in a more alkaline state, an important aspect of fighting inflammation. Carbonated, sweetened beverages are not a replacement for water!

•    Maintain a positive, upbeat attitude. Chronic health problems can be brought on by negative thoughts and behaviors. Regular exercise can help to improve your mental attitude. Yoga, martial arts or just hitting the pavement several times a week and walking will improve your energy level and reduce toxins in your system.

Our bodies need our help to stay healthy. Body cleansing is accomplished by improving our lifestyles and incorporating the use of herbal formulas to help bring our systems into better balance.

Our minds and our bodies need to work together in order for our systems to be in harmony. Good health is our best asset.


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      Chris J 7 years ago

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