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Home Biceps Workout: Why Not Start Working Out Your Biceps At Home

Updated on July 16, 2012

Starting a biceps workout at home is not a very difficult task but getting bulky biceps is a little tough. But don’t worry as you don’t need to go to gym to train your biceps on a daily basis. You just need to have your barbells and dumbbells handy at home and start training your biceps. Below I have mentioned some step by step home biceps workouts that you can start doing at the comfort of your home (check Arnold biceps workout videos, very important):.

#1 Workout - 3 sets of barbell curls

  • 1st set = 20 repetitions with lesser weight. This is a biceps warm-up exercise.
  • 2nd set = 10 repetitions with some sort of heavy (as in after 8th rep if you are struggling to go 9th reps, that is the best weight).
  • 3rd set = Simple 8 reps

You will get maximum information about doing barbell curls including preparation, execution, and benefits at BB Curl.

Barbell curls - biceps warming exercise
Barbell curls - biceps warming exercise | Source

Concentration curl is the killer as you will get pretty good biceps gains because of this, but if you are a beginner, you have to follow step-by-step, do not ju

#2 Workout: Dumbbell Hammer curls 3 sets of 10, 8, 6

  • 1st set = 10 reps
  • 2nd set = 8 reps
  • 3rd set = 8 reps

For learning how to do dumbbel hammer curls, check out Hammer Curl Exercises.

#3: Concentration curls

  • 1st set = 10 reps
  • 2nd set = 8 reps
  • 3rd set = 8 reps

If you are a biceps workout beginner: Concentration curl can hurt a lot and you would not be able to do much and would not gain mass, just a peak. I would advise this exercise to all those who have good and flabby biceps. But for those with tiny ones, I think it would be better to avoid doing them on a regular basis and just do it whenever you feel you need a change in your regular routine.

Concentration curls, however, are the best if you want to develop your biceps peak at home. Take time to think what you want first, your muscle mass or your peak and then decide from there. For some, this exercise boosts both but for others with athletic body types, it only boosts the peak. So think before you step into this one. It is very effective but needs to be done at the right stage to really make the biceps appear in their best shape. Now check out this Arnold's video doing concentration curls:

This is an excellent video about doing concentration curls - i love the part where Arnold is shaking his upper body to release strained muscles giving them time

Cheat curls: Have you heard about cheat curls? No, then don’t worry I will tell you about them. Cheat curls are exactly what they sound like, cheating, but you don’t need to cheat for the whole set. You start cheating only when the muscle you work is exhausted. You are only allowed to do 3 reps max while cheating or this will compromise your workout. For cheat curls at home, you bend your back a bit forward and using your back and your arms pull the barbell towards your chest. You can also do Arnold cheat curls at home. You can do a normal set of biceps curls, then when you are too exhausted to do anymore, you just cheat for 3 more reps. This is just one of the shocking principles of many that are there in Arnold’s book.

Natural Biceps
Natural Biceps | Source

Diet for biceps workout: Do take enough protein if you want to see good biceps gains. If you want to start the above home workout, I would suggest, you stick with this for 1 month and then change it after one month. Interestingly, muscles are not made in the gym. They are made in your home. Your exercises are just 20%, nutrition is 60% and 20 % is rest, actually more on rest. Additionally, our triceps take 2/3rds of our arm size and biceps are just 1/3rd, so we must also train our triceps to make our arms big. After all biceps is just the smallest muscle, so it is advised to train your triceps 2 to 3 times a week and biceps just once a week.

Now I think after going through the above information, videos, and photographs, you don’t have any excuse for not doing your home biceps workout. The most important thing which I love about home workouts is that you are free and independent and can do your exercises with concentration and accuracy. Now go ahead and build those long awaited bigger biceps faster at home than you thought of making in the gym.


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