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Home Cystic Acne Treatment

Updated on November 3, 2010

Cystic Acne Can Be Devastating

Cystic acne can be devastating! It is important to treat effectively and consult a professional esthetician if your condition is not improving to prevent scarring.

Here are some medicine cabinet must have's for treating the cysts:

  • Tea Tree Oil- this is one of only two essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin. Use a Q-tip to apply tea tree directly on the blemish AFTER it comes to a head. This will not work on underground cysts... When the blemish has come to a head, apply the tea tree with the q-tip, or even better, apply it to the pad of a band aid and sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, your pimple will be dryer.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- IF the cyst ruptures, clean it with hydrogen peroxide to prevent secondary infection. Scarring is often caused by cysts not being treated properly after the skin breaks. If the skin does break, clean it thoroughly and apply a topical spot treatment.
  • Sulfur based spot treatments- Benzoyl Peroxide causes free radical damage and premature aging! Sulfur is the best, most effective spot treatment for treating cysts. Sulfur targets oil production and will cause the blemish to heal more quickly.
  • Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide- Zinc Oxide can be very effective at helping to control acne symptoms. Plus, as a bonus, it is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Use your sunscreen every day, and if you have an underground pimple, apply a dab on the blemish before you go to bed at night.

Dealing With Cystic Acne: What NOT to Use

What not to use:

Oh, the scary remedies I have heard... Here is what not to do to your skin:

  • Toothpaste- Not only does this not work, it can cause permanent damage and scarring in skin. Skin therapists are concerned with just the residue of toothpaste left on the sides of the lips that causes the lips to crack and peel. Under no circumstances are you to ever put this on your face!
  • Someone else's prescription products- Do not use Mom's Retin-A or your friend's prescriptive glycolic cleanser. Everyone's skin is different. In my practice, I almost never have two friends with the same skin care needs. If you are interested in a prescription product someone else is using, ask YOUR doctor. they can help steer you in the correct medical direction that can treat your skin properly.
  • Home Surgery - Do not pop those pimples! Get thee to an esthetician or a dermatologist if it doesn't come to a head on it's own! Incorrectly extracting blemishes will result in scarring. If you have a hard nodule under the skin, trust me, it won't come out if you squeeze it. Please leave the picking to the professionals. What if it is not an acne blemish? Staph infections can look very similar to acne lesions. If it has lasted for more than a few days, get to your doctor or trusted esthetician for treatment. You will be glad to not look at a new scar every single day.

YonKa Juvenil: Acne Remedy is a great associated product that helps your treatment.

Cystic Acne


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    • profile image

      kimberly 4 years ago

      Hi all I am suffering from pimples ....I mad a big mistake by using tooth past and neat detol on my face and pimples now its left scars on the one side , how do I get them away? And at the momment I am using cetaphil gentle cleansing loation face wash.... Is it suppose to clear pimples ? Or bring them all out? How does this actually work.... And how would you wash ur face ! With warm water to open pours and cold water to close pours? Ever since iv had my baby iv been suffering with pimples

    • profile image

      Surface Esthetics 7 years ago


      Thanks for giving me some background... There are a bunch of different home remedies, I haven't tried the orange peels, so I can't comment on that, but I do have a couple other answers for you:

      1. Proactive is a benzoyl peroxide based product and that is the number two cause of free radical damage to skin after sunlight. Avoid free radical damage and avoid benzoyl peroxide. Proactive is rampant with it...

      2. Avoid cotton ball toners. What you are seeing on your cotton ball is dead skin, not dirt. Dirt is your friend, just like oil is your friend... You do not want to stip your skin with alcohol based products, which is the #1 ingredient in these types of toners. In fact, skip toner all together and just use a gentle cleanser and exfoliant. Toner is no longer a necessity, it is simply a vehicle to DO something to the skin. It is bacteria, not dirt that is causing the cysts, and that bacteria is inside the pores. Very little you do from the outside will change that fact... See an esthetician for professional extraction, or a dermatologist to get on a short course antibiotic. You will clear up the bacterial issue in no time!

    • Khaisar Soase' profile image

      Khaisar Soase' 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Hello Skinipedia, Thank you for your insightful advice. A long time ago a man mentioned to me to take orange peelings and wipe them over my problem acne areas and it would work. I have to say I never tried this, at least not the extent he mentioned which is daily.

      I have had problems with acne very deep below the skin sub sub subcutaneous. I would get them on my nose and on the back of my neck sometimes on my cheeks and so on. I had cured them on my back at a young age, about 18 and the way I did this was to treat them all use a scrub brush on the back with normal anti bacteria soap the other thing I did was I made it my policy to never wear a shirt two days in a row. I worked in the construction trades and I noticed I didn’t have this problem with my legs and I wondered why. Anyway I have never had a problem with the back after I adopted these personal policies.

      For the face I used to use Proactive and it worked great. However, I was not able to afford my subscription for this product. After a while I accumulated several bottles of the Proactive blemish treatment so I still had these but I ran out of the scrub and the skin toner. What I did was I purchased some Clean & Clear, the continuous control formula and Sea Breeze Actives Skin Toner because I would still get them from time to time on the back of my neck. I used these products along with the Proactive Blemish treatment.

      One thing I did notice is even though I cleaned the skin, after that I would use the Sea Breeze on a cotton ball a go over the back of my neck and I was surprised of the dirt that still came up even after washing thoroughly. Now I rarely have any problems with my skin. Honestly, in my opinion, I think the skin toner is a huge key because it actually got the dirt out of the skin. I just make sure I complete the process at least once daily.

      Thanks again.